Bach Flower Meditation for Purifying Subconscious Mind

November 17, 2016
Andrew Scheim

This blog is an introduction into Bach Flower remedies, another cleaning tool for working with the subconscious mind. Dr. Edward Bach created 38 flower remedies, each remedy addressing a specific mental/emotional state. Each remedy has a simple keynote description. The first remedy is called Agrimony; and the keynote description is “mental anguish behind a cheerful face.” The next remedy is Aspen; and that’s for people who have anxiety, fears they can’t identify. The simple keynote is “unknown fear.” The third remedy is Beech. The keynote for that is basically “judgment or judgmental.” Your mind is always judging, you’re judging yourself or you’re judging others.

And the list goes on and on and on. The keynotes are really very simple. The idea behind the flower remedies is if you feel plagued with a certain state…let’s say you’re in a lot of fear… you would go through the various fear remedies and you would take the remedy that would fit the keynote. You just find the keynote that most closely matches the type of fear you are experiencing. It is best to get the whole kit and start taking remedies that you feel fit the state of mind you’re in.

Now there is a simple meditation exercise I developed which is the following: So let’s say, for instance, I match the keynote for Agrimony. If I’m really charged up in that state of “mental torture” what I do is literally take the remedy and smell it (normally the remedy goes under the tongue). Now this is the key to this meditation: As I continue smelling the remedy, I really allow that state of mind and emotion to express itself; this is the time to bring up those feelings and memories and even exaggerate that mental/emotional state. If you have a lot of mental anguish, and you always feel like you have to put on a cheerful face, just start allowing all the memories from your life movie to emerge and keep smelling the remedy.

This is where you get to be a great actor. Really pour it on. If you’re using a pendulum you can actually watch the swing of the pendulum and you keep smelling the remedy and doing the meditation as long as the pendulum is swinging in the yes direction. You can usually notice a cluster of memories arising and then after awhile they subside along with a calming of the keynote state. You can always put a drop of the remedy under your tongue after doing a round of this smelling meditation. So once you complete the first round then just breathe and relax. Then check with yourself again and see what else is coming up. Then watch and see what mental emotional state starts to arise and find the remedy that matches that state and do another round of this smelling meditation. You’re using the remedy to excavate and clean or purify buried subconscious memories. Once again this is the time to allow your mind to stream and let the remedy do the purification, as the memories start to bubble to the surface.

So it’s very simple. Just learn the keynotes. If you can afford it purchase the whole kit, or just see what are your major keynotes and purchase those flower remedies. The original Bach Flower Remedies are around 13-14 dollars discounted per remedy. There’s also another company called Feel Good Bach, and they’re less expensive, around 7-8 dollars a bottle.

There’s also a book called “Bach body mapping.” It is a map of the entire body and each part corresponds to a specific Bach Flower Remedy. You can also hold the remedy over a chakra and treat through the chakras. What ever way you can get the remedy to contact your field is helpful for treating but I find this meditation is a great way to gently invite up very disturbing trapped memories and release them.  This is a practice in self love and healing.

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