Advanced Bodywork

In one session you will see a significant shift and various degrees of resolution depending on the nature of what issues you are dealing with. Clients comment on my gift of being able to see deeply into the body and achieve resolution where they haven’t been able to prior to this work.

Yes. I use a combination of many modalites too numerous to mention. Three key areas of my Advanced Bodywork are electro acupunture, rapid release therapy (an advanced wave form tool for connective tissue work, adhesions and scar tissue) and an advanced form of cranial sacral therapy. Please see link for advanced body work for more info.

With all respect, chiropractic work doesn’t treat what causes the vertebrae to go into misalignment and unless you resolve those deep energetic and structural issues you will keep going out of alignment.

Massage is usually associated with a few modalities primarily “Swedish.” Bodywork encompasses a multitude of modalities. In the bodywork field there are three major licensures: DOM, Chiropractic and Massage. The later encompasses around fifty modalities that one can become expert in.

Rolfing is another singular approach therapy. We do deep connective tissue work but our philosophy is to address the whole matrix. In practical terms we address the underlying dynamics that cause fascia to become so distorted.

Cranial sacral therapy is one of the most powerful modalities in bodywork but needs support modalities to become truly effective. The cranial sacral rhythm becomes much more effective when combined with effective meridian work and tissue work. The body is multi-dimensional and so the work must reflect and respond accordandly.


First become aware of the bodies expression of the subconscious programs that affect us so deeply at all levels and cause enormous suffering. The next step is to learn to transform the data that is causing the cascading endless pain pattern.

Data is “in” “formation.” It lies deep within your mind, and is the minds attempt to create form against a backdrop of formlessness. If the mind realizes that its data is subject to deletion and temporary at best, then we experience less clutter as the mind engages an ongoing self cleaning process. Anyone who owns a computer is continually running background programs to detect and clean adware, viruses, cache and history. Animals have inborn ways of shaking off data. Humans are taught to accumulate programs that do not serve them and in general our minds are cluttered with data. We treat our computers with more regard than our own minds.

Imagine a stream flowing freely and it becomes dammed by an avalanche. Or imagine a swampy dried up river.

No one cleans all data but cleaning leads to creative potential. You become more awake, feel more joy and freedom. How do feel when asked to “delete all?” There is that feeling of freedom.


We all understand wiring in a house. Meridians are communication wiring in the body that is associated with the nervous system. The speed of being able to interact with the amount of information we are in actual communication with requires a communication network that goes way beyond our understanding. The meridian system is a quantum speed multi dimensional communication network.

Holodynamics is based on the work of Dr. Victor Vernon Wolf. It combines physics and psychology and teaches a dynamic and creative process for uprooting and transforming sub conscious traumatic information.

Rarely in town as i have too many tools at my office.

Please refer to xyz. Some tools like the rapid release improve upon a specific modality. Other tools like the epower create a much deeper state of relaxation and greater healing potential.

Advanced Bodywork employs a multidimensional approach, uses the best tools available and reflects years of intensive study. Most importantly for the client, it gets results.

The Sessions

Sometimes clients dose off particularly when doing cranial sacral therapy.

Anywhere from an hour to two hours. Typically my sessions are an hour and a half.

That varies greatly depending on state of health, motivation and money.

I do a percentage of sliding scale clients.

Yes if arrangements can be made to create a good healing environment for both the client and myself.

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