The Emotion Code

Door to the Mind

The Emotion Code, created by Dr.  Bradley Nelson, is a cleaning tool for erasing long standing memories and trapped emotions.  Much like a virus traveling in cyberspace, memories travel in consciousness cyberspace and will infect the hardware of one’s individual consciousness.

This work bypasses the mind and taps one’s higher self to seek and clean long standing subconscious memories.  The Emotion Code can excavate emotions that occur from the womb to your current age. It can also track the memories of your ancestors that were burnt into your DNA at conception. A fundamental cause of suffering roots from these inherited programs that run deep within the subconscious mind.

The Emotion Code complements the Hoʻoponopono teachings.  Both require that you source your cleaning practice to Divine intelligence. Dr. Hew Len,  Ho’oponopono master teacher, once talked about seeing a memory that would manifest a major birth disease four generations down if it wasn’t cleaned.   Memories don’t discriminate, they perpetuate and do damage through the end of time.  There is only one solution to memories and that is to access them (take them out of stealth mode) and reveal them to creator with love.

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