Healing the Mind

Dream Space




Trauma, on all levels, is so crucial in addressing our health issues. We are both the problem and the solution. Andrew has developed a multi-dimensional approach to addressing this vast field. He teaches both an overview for framing the problem and then helps you develop a tool kit for working at your issues.

This is the most challenging work there is and we need to work skillfully, creatively and consistently using our awareness and intelligence. We must work at all levels, spiritual, mental, emotional, physical and realize the interrelationship of these levels.

Andrew uses a combination of nutrition, movement therapy, Bach flowers, aromatherapy, bodywork, and a variety of meditation practices. He completely supports all traditions that assist one in finding true balance and peace.

“If there is one thing that is an endless theme in my work is synergy. As one deeply enters into the study of healing one begins to see the simplicity of it all. Why synergy? Because the mind itself is quite complex. In the end you chose what tool you need at that moment, to bring yourself into balance and clarity.  From the one comes the many and the many lead back to the one.”