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We offer a wide variety of holistic services. Here are some of the services we offer:

  1. Advanced Bodywork sessions please see Advanced BodyWork.


    Rapid Release Therapyplease see Rapid Release Therapy.

  3. “Trackings“- please see Holodynamics.

  4. Comprehensive Holistic Consult includes client evaluation and recommendations. Please see Holistic Consult.

  5. E-power Machinea powerful high frequency wave form therapy we use in all our Advanced Body Work Sessions. This advanced therapy offers many health benefits. Please see E-power.

  6. Rebounding lessonslearn the incredible benefits one can derive from rebounding.  Learn specific rehab exercises along with a basic exercise routine. Please click here to view our video on rebounding.

  7. The Five Tibetan Rites–  an ancient yoga rejuvenation routine.

  8. P.E.M.FPulsed Electro Magnetic Frequency, originally developed by N.A.S.A.  Please go to our education links page to learn more. I personally use the earth pulse sleep on demand along with a grounding pad.

  9. Far Infrared Sauna–  advanced sauna therapy with many health benefits including weight loss and environmental detox. Please see F.I.R. Sauna.

  10. Isochronic Brainwave Entrainmentthe latest in Brainwave Entrainment for creating deep states of relaxation. Goes well with any treatment protocol. Please see Isochronic Brainwave Entrainment.

  11. Chi Machineplease see Chi Machine.

  12. Ozone Water Therapya gentle form of ozone therapy that one can do at home.

  13. Inversion Traction Therapyan excellent therapy for spinal mobility. Can help with those suffering from back pain and improve flexibility and circulation.

  14. Quantum i-Life Biofeedback Treatments– a biofeedback application that both analyzes and treats using complex wave forms. Please visit our education links page to learn more.

  15. Bach Flower Consultlearn to use these flower remedies to create emotional balance. Sessions include customized remedy to be used on a daily basis.

  16. Misc. other – Living foods, detox, iodine therapy, chelation therapy, breathing retraining (the easy way), hormone rebalancing, essential oils, strategic nutritional supplements such as herbs, vitamins and specialty supplements, homeopathic remedies, foam rolling and so much more.

One quick note: This extensive list might feel a bit overwhelming to some, but ask yourself how many tools does your mechanic have in his shop? How much more complex is the human body? Does a mechanic have to worry about which tool to use?  Once you learn what these tools are and how they work they become your helpers and friends for life. Taking care of yourself is no different than any other skill you learn in life. It takes time, patience and practice to be good at anything.


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