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Holodynamics: Transformation and Healing


Holodynamics is a powerful alchemic approach to healing and transforming oneself. It is based on the work of Victor Vernon Woolf. Holodynamics uses the newest understanding in physics to map out the workings of consciousness. It creates a framework, understanding and methodology for tackling deeply embedded issues. Holodynamics goes into great depth in describing the nature and actions of what is termed “Holodynes”, which are referred to as energy blocks in Bodywork. It helps give form and understanding into the nature of the consciousness formations being expressed through these energy blocks.

Dr Woolf’s core process for transformation is called “Trackings.” It helps one transform what he calls holodynes and is excellent for a wide range of mental/emotional issues such as PTSD and anxiety. This work helps one begin to understand that the programs running in your mind are not you.  It also helps one to see the amazing power and distortion of these programs whose origins are multi-dimensional.

Dr. Woolf discovered this work when realizing that a patient, who claimed to be Napoleon, was indeed communicating cross time as he revealed details about Napoleon’s life that were extremely accurate.  As he allowed these “information systems” to communicate cross time, the patient became well.  He supports this cross time theory with modern physics that views all time as ever present instead of the old linear model.  Part of the tracking process allows one to enter both past and future time and transform suffering in one’s lineage.

In general Trackings can help those desiring to free themselves from harmful subconscious programming.  For most of us the subconscious is a “mine field” with a big sign that says “danger do not enter.” What if we could learn to go into the depths of our mind and have no fear? What if we can go, as they say in Star Trek, “where no man has gone before.” This is a skill few of us are taught, “how” to journey to the depths of suffering mind and find inner liberation. It is the most important skill any human being can learn.



Andrew is a Holodynamic Consultant, Graduate of the International Academy of Holodynamics.

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