Advanced Bodywork

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Advanced Bodywork

Our advanced bodywork sessions are comprehensive and incorporate many modalities for the sole purpose of giving you the most effective treatment possible. They include pulse assessment, electro-acupuncture, cranial-sacral therapy, polarity therapy, deep tissue, myofascial and various additional connect tissue modalities, rapid release therapy, neuro-muscular therapy, trigger-point, reflexology and a variety of additional sub modalities.

Key to our success is understanding and working with the subconscious mind.  At the heart of Chinese medicine, cranial-sacral therapy and polarity therapy is a mapping system for deeply held memories that cause imbalance in the body.  When a trapped memory is not released it creates a constriction process in the body.  To learn to truly let go and relax one must learn to clean these long term repeating “viral” memories, including memories from our ancestors hardwired into our dna at conception.


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