Comprehensive Detox Program

Blue Z Water is the hub of our comprehensive detox program “Maximize your Blue Z Water Therapy.”  We offer both blogs and videos which teach simple steps to detoxify your body. Our other two core programs are our trauma release program and vibration therapy workshop.

Imagine doing laundry; you would never just throw detergent in the machine and walk away. To clean filthy clothes, you put in a boosted high level detergent and then run your machine on “heavy duty cycle.”  If you just threw in the very best cleaning agent but didn’t engage the “agitator” on your washing machine, you would just end up with a filthy pool of water.  When detoxing your body, this filthy pool of water is your blood and that is why many suffer detox symptoms.

Another factor, not considered, is the fact that trauma memories stored in the subconscious mind cause a gripping of fascia (connective tissue). Fascia is like your internal skin and goes everywhere in your body. It can choke out organs, muscles, nerves, etc. This fascia choking action, which we call the “GRIP OF DEATH”, impedes the flow of oxygen, energy flow and the ability to receive nutrients.  It also creates dead stagnant areas in the colon and other organs and creates an opportunistic environment for microbes.

Our detox program will teach you how to deep clean toxins from your body and release the “grip of death.”

These tools are simple, fun and can create great transformation when practiced on a regular basis.

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Maximizing your Blue Z Water Therapy: Ozone Therapy, Breathing Exercises, Rebounding and Vibration Therapy