The teachings of Ho’oponopono are a life meditation and the heartbeat of healing work.

From a bodywork perspective, one understands that the underlying cause of energy blocks is subconscious data.  Hoʻoponopono represents the most profound and truthful teachings I know for explaining the nature of consciousness.  To learn the process of cleaning, which means to effectively access and process subconscious data,  is the most precious gift you can give yourself.  To clean one must learn to bring the obscure subconscious data of mind into the light.  To awaken to “cleaning” is to set yourself free from the vast programming that controls your entire existence.  The question of who are you will radically transform as you go deeper into the work.

Doing this work will bring into your life exactly what you need. There is no greater obstacle to freedom than subconscious data and its programming. It is also imperative to understand that the mind can not clean itself.   One fragment no matter how lofty can not resolve another fragment. One must find a whole dynamic for truly “solving” the ultimate mystery of consciousness.  Dr. Hew Len makes it very simple, we must clean all programming and bring it back to nothing.  He makes it quite clear that if one becomes well practiced in Ho’oponopono  then you go are able to naturally become adept at cleaning, a sort of autopilot mode. In terms of my teachings, I would say simply learn to create a foundation for cleaning,  learn what cleaning tools work best for you. All healing work can be viewed as “cleaning tools.”   My favorite cleaning tools for accessing subconscious mind are a combination of Ho’oponopono and self bodywork practices.  One example is the Chi Machine with Thera-cane. Processing works better when the body is in a healing rhythm much like music works best when their is a groove.  The subconscious understands it’s need to find that which it has lost.  It responds with gratitude when you gift yourself with the healing rhythms of life.

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