Vibration Therapy Trauma Release

Vibration Therapy for Trauma Release

We teach a core trauma release vibration therapy program.  Please click here for more info.  This is an easy to do home therapy that is essential at supporting your bodywork sessions.  All systemic, structural and mental/emotional work will be greatly enhanced when you do this program.  This program has three parts.

Rapid Release Therapy

Rapid Release Therapy is a new innovation in Vibration Therapy. This tool, coined the “cement breaker”, by one of my clients, can break down scar tissue, adhesions and stubborn connective tissue (fascia) formations. We will teach you a core skill set that will transform you into a skilled lay practitioner. You will learn three simple techniques that Andrew developed in his practice. These are advanced easy to do Neuro-muscular “tricks” that are proven in Andrew’ Practice to rapidly resolve very stubborn patterns of locked down fascia formations.

Whole Body Vibration Therapy

Complementing the use of Rapid Release Therapy is Whole Body Vibration Therapy. Connective tissue can be envisioned as one continuous weed network in your garden with every weed sharing the same root system. Everyone who has tried to pull stubborn weeds knows the challenge of getting down to the root system. Whole Body vibration therapy is like putting one big earthquake on your garden that literally begins to uproot the entire weed matrix. Using Whole Body Vibration Therapy uproots deeply buried fascia formations and literally uproots them at their foundation.

Combining Rapid Release Therapy with Whole Body Vibration Therapy

When you stand on your Vibration Therapy Platform and initiate this “earthquake” action therapy you can use the Rapid Release Machine to target very specific areas of the body. Imagine the foundation of your whole garden being vibrated. You could now go around the garden and easily start popping the weeds. As simple as this sounds it really is the easiest way to describe using Whole Body Vibration Therapy in conjunction with Rapid Release Therapy. The power and ease of use of these two therapies in combination is what makes it possible for you to become a master lay practitioner and achieve results that are simply something you never thought possible.


TRE Trauma Release

TRE (Trauma Release Exercises) is an easy to learn practice. This is a natural complement to our Whole Body Vibration Therapy. Whole Body Vibration Therapy mimics the shaking trembling movement animals engage after a life threatening traumatic encounter. Tre teaches you to actually rekindle your dormant natural animal trauma release mechanism.
When animals are under attack they have three options fight, flight or freeze (playing dead). If they go into freeze they need to do a trembling shaking ritual afterwards to come out of freeze. If they don’t do this they die. Humans go into a freeze response many times in their lives and their natural inborn trembling shake it off mechanism becomes suppressed early on. This causes a slew of mental/emotional/structural/&systemic problems as trapped traumatic memories are stored deep within the body. Traumatic memories basically never stop looping and can cause tremendous suffering. TRE allows one to go deep within the nervous system and brain and erase these traumatic memory loops. This work has had great success with soldiers suffering with PTSD which is considered one of the most challenged areas for those working with mental emotional trauma. Please go to for more info. You can also Google “Tre trauma app” to learn how to do the work.