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 Our holistic consults are comprehensive and highly educational. We teach our clients the abc’s of health and well being. We then provide each client with “homework”. Our sessions will teach you how to focus at the true fundamentals and create a strategic multi-dimensional well thought out plan. One must first learn the fundamentals, then practice, and continue this process on an ongoing basis.


 We have clients in their seventies and eighties making great progress. Anti-aging practices really mean wising up and learning how to meet the challenges of today’s world along with developing amazing life supporting practices. It is never to early to practice anti-aging medicine as many are already exhibiting old age early on.

 Some key topics we cover are detoxifying the body both from what is called auto-intoxication and environmental toxins. Examples of auto-intoxication are colon toxicity which causes a myriad of health problems from candida to colon cancer.  Another example of auto-intoxication is sinus infections. Essentially one can view auto-intoxication as unhealthy nesting environments that invite pathogens. Examples of external toxins are toxic foods (processed foods, gmos, pesticides, hormones, antibiotics), chemicals, heavy metals and electro magnetic fields that can compromise our health such as cell phones. Of course if this isn’t stressful enough one can add in the overwhelming psychological stresses one experiences in aggregation with all these other imbalances.

 We teach our clients how to re-balance their internal terrain so it is no longer opportunistic for disease. We teach dietary strategies that are customized to your constitution. We teach you how to detox your body.  Most don’t realize that we don’t breath properly and don’t understand the fundamentals of breathing.  Very few have been shown in real terms the way the mind actually effects the body. Very few understand the real nature of what is called energy medicine. How many realize that meditation requires great practice and skill and learn how to develop this skill.  One must literally throw out everything they think they know and begin anew.  De-programming or unlearning might be the most intelligent action one can take to find wellness and peace.

 There has never been a quick fix to become a great musician, athlete, electrician, parent, teacher, etc. So why when it comes to health of body, mind and soul do we dumb ourselves down and give our personal power to those who offer a quick fix. Why do we take the time and skill needed to exceed in our other studies but neglect the study of our own being. Many will answer time and money but that doesn’t change the fact that to be good at anything we must study and practice.

 Andrew’s teachings are simple and straightforward and the simplicity of these teachings are refreshing, pragmatic and translate to a cut to the chase style of learning and practice. Andrew calls this skillful practice. He has devoted his life to finding solutions that work and work in harmony. The principles of holistic healing are fundamentally simple and need to be explained in a language that each person understands. All medicine, in general, tends to create distance between practitioner and the ones they serve by using a coded language that essentially gives the message “this is out of your reach, I am the expert.” We have been taught a model of illness that puts the disease out there, the cure out there and our personal power and self authority are nowhere to be found. This division between doctor and “patient”, and you and “your disease”, is so entrenched in the collective psyche, that very few will question is it true? Is there another point of view?

 When one starts to learn and practice wellness then one becomes less confused and more empowered. This is a lifetime challenge as we all know the vast challenges we are all facing. What do you have to look forward to? Think of a great musician. What happens when one masters their craft? Freedom to express creatively, effortlessly and a desire to continue to learn and improve one’s craft. Ask any great athlete if they are content with their greatness?

The masters never see an end: just new beginnings.

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