PEMF and Earthing Therapy

In this video “Pemf Therapy and Earthing for Emotional Trauma, Healing Sleep and The Limbic System” we discuss how this therapy can help with a wide range of problems. Anyone who has studied Peter Levine somatic experiencing, David Berceli trauma release exercises, John Lilly Flotation Therapy is seeking ways to achieve deep regulation of the limbic system. Pemf Therapy when set to alpha, theta and delta frequencies en-trains the nervous system into a deeply relaxed state. The field permeates the entire body and goes deep into the brain and spine. It can permeate damaged brain and spine tissue, and along with hydrogen therapy, is excellent not only for en-training the nervous system but also in assisting with cellular repair. By adding earthing and grounding in conjunction with your pemf treatment, you not only eliminate any electrosmog issues, but discharge the natural build up of excess energy created by using any pemf device. Pemf without earthing is like damning up a mountain stream; with earthing the mountain stream returns to its natural free flowing dynamic state. Especially if you use pemf for sleep, it is imperative to use a grounding system such as an earthing sheet. This combo therapy is a must for trauma as it creates profound states of relaxation, cellular repair and subconscious processing.

Please view our trauma release information: meet-the-practitioner/trauma-release-resources/

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