Education Links

Hoʻoponopono intro video –  step one.

Hoʻoponopono conference in Maui – Series of 9 videos

Holodynamics –  introduction to the teachings of Dr. Vernon Woolf.

EFT – A short video teaching you how to do EFT.

The Work by Bryon Katie – Simple method for challenging deeply held beliefs.

Rapid Release Therapy – Advanced Therapy for connective tissue work and clearing scar tissue and adhesions.

Bach Flower Remedies – 38 Flower remedies outlining a wide range of mental emotional states.

Quantum Infinity bio-feedback program – A comprehensive low cost bio feedback/treating frequency program.

P.E.M.F – Learn more about the variety of P.E.M.F devices available.  Please contact us for recommendations.

Breathing retraining – Learn the simple facts about breathing that you never new. Please contact us for our recommendations.

Iodine Therapy for Thyroid Rehabilitation – Dr. David Brownstein interview with Dr. Mercola.

Jorge Flechas videos on various topics including iodine therapy and oxytocin.

Dr. Robert Rowen’s videos on ozone therapy.

David Hall on Rebounding.  Learn the many health benefits from jumping on a quality rebounder.

Chi Machine intro video.

Epower machine intro video

Five Tibetan Rites.  Start with this Video. Do 3 repetitions of each rite for the first week and increment slowly week by week as you can over stimulate the chakra system. If you feel pain stop! I highly recommend you do several lessons with me to refine your technique. There are elements of neuro-flexion that should be incorporated. I haven’t found any “complete” videos covering all the aspects of the this yoga routine. Consider the book “Ancient Secrets of the Fountain of Youth” by Peter Kelder.

Grounding – health benefits. Please keep in mind one can do this for $15.00 as effectively as spending hundreds.

StressEraser – a simple biofeedback tool where you can monitor your success, in real time, with a simple heart rate variable variability measurement.  This can be used to monitor one’s relaxation response with any meditation, relaxation, biofeedback or visualization practice.  Keep in mind that some practices can be short term stress inducing but the overall benefit is positive.  Hoʻoponopono practice, bodywork sessions and intensive exercise are all examples where you can do short durations of intensive work that produces a long term benefit. You would not use the StressEraser under these circumstances. Sometimes we experience the storm before the calm.



If we haven’t provided a link to the many topics discussed on this site we encourage you to just search the internet and send us any links you find helpful.

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