God’s Drum

May 1, 2014
Andrew Scheim

Is there such a thing as free choice? We might choose to move from point a or b but are we moving? It is amazing we can move at all. When does movement actually cause any real change? What is meditation and what place does it have in reality? Who or what is God? What is God consciousness? Is God acting? What is God’s action?

God’s action is God’s presence. God is the master opera singer who whose love shatters all. Our entirety has one purpose and that is to sing praise unto God. There is not one moment or speck of reality, or aspect of our being that is not programmed towards divine alignment. In every way shape and form the only action that matters is God’s action. We are God’s drum. Does God wants us to be his drum? Movement away from creator is musical tension and increases the dynamics of the music. We are intended to move away from grace only to receive grace. If we are aware of that movement then we awaken to being God’s drum.

If we can see the mind at its inception and its micro movements it is much like a baby in the womb. All mind is timed against creator, dances with creator, sings with creator. If one only knew that this is the the only action that truly exists then your life would become much clearer. You want to set your mind free then make your mind a drum. When God responds you surrender your mind and let it be cleaned.

What is buried in the drum is every memory of sorrow. What do those memories do? They tension the drum head so creator can not play. When we do prayers and meditations to cleanse those memories we loosen the drum head and Creator “now” can play his music and we are set free into love and light. In turn more memories are awakened and set free. We are God’s drum.

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