Energy work and Energy Healing: A bit of clarification

October 8, 2014
Andrew Scheim

So what is energy? Everything is energy, whether fast or slow, hot or cold,  dark or light, dead or alive, dense or light.  If one uses an ice pack for injury that is energy healing.  If one goes to a sauna and sweats that is energy healing. If one exercises that is energy healing.  To move energy is center piece to healing, however the real question is what happens in the body when energy comes to a standstill?  There are various systems in advanced bodywork that map out the energy body.  One is the acupuncture model,  then there is the cranial sacral model, the polarity model and on a more concrete level there is the nerve/fascia modalities such as neuro-muscular, Rolfing and various other connective tissue modalities. Of course there is chiropractic work which can range from network chiropractic to more aggressive adjustments.  This work focuses on the core principle that when one is aligned, much like tires on a car,  the body can communicate more optimally as energy flows more freely.

So lets simply point out some of the pros and cons regarding so called energy. Rigamortis not good.  No rhythm not good.  Dead frequency not good.  Binding of connective tissue not good.   Ah but how many understand the truth about connective tissue.  It wraps everything and is interconnected all throughout the body.  The quality of ones connective tissue health defines the state of your spine and nerves, your organs, muscles and bones. Most think fascia is just skin and they just don’t understand the huge impact of connective tissue.  So what causes connective tissue to become brittle and unflexible and send one to an early grave. If you suffer with fibromyalgia you know the torment of being wrapped in unhealthy connective tissue.  What causes this pre-rigamortis binding and grabbing in the body or as the saying goes to be wound tight?  This is the million dollar question? So what signals the connective tissue?  The nerves.  What signals the nerves?  That is the billion dollar question.  At this point I defer to the Hoʻoponopono teachings of Dr. Hew Len and the consciousness model of  Holodynamics as taught by Veron Woolf.  Also please read this article:  Understanding the relationship between data meridians and fascia.


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