Treating the Endocrine System with Glandular Supplements

November 12, 2016
Andrew Scheim

Today I would like to discuss the endocrine gland system and some key supplements for rebalancing adrenal issues, thyroid issues, and the overall endocrine gland system. We’ve done videos on Dr. David Brownstein’s iodine regimen. The main focus of this regimen is comprehensive detoxification of the body and then feeding the thyroid gland iodine, an essential nutrient required for healthy thyroid functioning. Detox of all environmental toxins is critical to all health issues and Blue Z Water is the master tool for cleaning ones internal cesspool of toxins.

Once we engage a comprehensive cleanup process, the next question becomes what foods and supplements can help re-establish the integrity of the endocrine gland system. One of the most powerful nutritional strategies for re-balancing the endocrine gland system is using animal extracts from the glands of all natural free range animals. These products are referred to as glandulars or glandular extracts. So if you do the research, all the companies that produce these high-end glandular products are sourcing their glandular extracts from New Zealand and Australia. The animals are 100% free range, free of pesticides, hormones, anti-biotics, gmos, etc. Please do your own research!

One of the things that prevented me from going down the route of taking animal sourced thyroid medications was that I did not trust the animal sourcing and also the processing. I did not want to buy drugs or so called extracts, drug extracts, from animal sources that I concluded were far from natural and balanced. Once I discovered these all natural glandulars those concerns were alleviated.

So what are glandulars? For example, if you take a thyroid glandular, it is literally the extract of an animals’ thyroid. Basically an animal’s glandular system, the proteins, the enzymes, etc., etc. is 97% compatible with the human glandular system. So if you take an animal thyroid glandular it is almost identical to the composition of a human thyroid.

In a nutshell, this is a food-based approach; you’re taking the concentrate of the specific glandular that you feel you might be deficient in. So once you’ve done the basic legwork of detoxifying the body, you now want to feed it the most critical nutrients; and glandulars are at the top of my list of food based supplements needed for the endocrine gland system. Personally I began to exhibit low thyroid symptoms early in life. I grew up in New York City where they added chlorine and fluorine to the drinking water and I was eating a bunch of white flour products which are made with brominated (bromine) white flour. I grew up on a thyroid disaster diet and to make matters worse there were also genetic tendencies.

So to just focus for a moment on those of you with thyroid issues, here are the steps for a thyroid rehab program:
1. Detoxify the body using Blue Z Water to pull out all those environmental toxins, the halides, the bromine, chlorine, and fluorine.

2.Take iodine to start feeding the thyroid. It’s critical for the thyroid to be bathed in iodine.

3.Start taking glandular extracts, along with  key vitamins and herbs for endocrine support.

How do I know what glandular extracts to take?
Do you take thyroid extract? Do you take hypothalamus extract? Do you take pituitary extract? The hypothalamus and the pituitary are master controllers for the entire endocrine gland system. The adrenal system is critical to overall endocrine function. So are all the organ systems. So what glandular extracts do you take? How much is the adrenal contributing to the thyroid? The adrenals are very fundamental to the entire endocrine gland system; so is the hypothalamus and the pituitary. How do you know what to take?

You must learn to self-check your body in real time. We discuss this process in our blog tips and tools. We encourage every one of you to learn how to use a pendulum. It is critical to communicate with your body’s intelligence. When self checking yourself for what supplement you need, you’re tuning in to the deeper energetic intelligence of your body using the heart chakra, and essentially asking the body moment to moment what does it need right now. Literally day-to-day, week-to-week, month-to-month, what you need to feed your endocrine gland system can change. You might see a trend but that trend can change and once again we are talking about a highly interdependent system that involves multiple glands and organs. You have to ask the body in real time what system needs to be fed, which extracts you need to take. So we encourage you to please learn how to use a pendulum, and there are many videos online teaching you how. One critical piece of advice is that when you’re using a pendulum put your hand over your heart chakra. Tune into the rhythm of the heart. When testing a supplement hold it over the heart chakra. Please google “Heart Math.” The Heart Math Institute’s teachings and research are all about helping you understand what is heart intelligence. Once you learn how to test yourself using your heart intelligence, you will be guided to what supplements are needed. This becomes the only process you will engage for deciding what to take each and every time. Otherwise you’re going on intellect, theory, and concepts and taking a linear robotic approach.

Please view our video below and see the video description where you will find links for glandular companies and also to our pendulum video. Please also view other online pendulum videos. It is best to buy a wide variety of glandulars to create a testing kit. This is worth the expense and of utmost importance. Once you have this broad based testing kit in place, you will only need to re-order supplements that start to get low in supply.

If you have any questions or want to setup a consult please contact me: [email protected].

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