Key Components to a Holistic Program: Tips and Tools

October 21, 2016
Andrew Scheim

“Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.”  Rumi

 Consciousness work and Energy Work

Goal number one is to be effective in steps one and two under Key Components to Holistic Program-Consciousness work and Energy Work. Moving the subtle energy body and learning to clean “all the barriers” of the subconscious mind is where we start.

Cleaning  subconscious data goes hand in hand with moving the subtle energy body.  We are essentially seeking ways to break long standing patterns which have been originated by the subconscious data and stored in memory. Your body is the hard drive of data. That is why it is so important to understand the relationship between cleaning data and the subtle field dynamics that represent stuck data.  Every time you hit a data bump in your universe you will feel the data hit; frustrated, angry, depressed, manic, confused, overwhelmed, afraid, etc. So it is imperative to set a good foundation for keeping the subtle energy body moving and for doing ongoing cleaning. There is no end to this process. If you are human you must learn to clean your mind.

So what are my favorite self help tools for consciousness work and energy work?

  1. Hoʻoponopono–  I incorporate Hoʻoponopono into every protocol listed below.  It is like that secret ingredient every body wants to know about.

  2. An excellent cleaning tool for accessing subconscious memories including ancestral memories is the emotion code.

  3. Blue Z Water.

  4. Rebounding using a cellerciser.

  5. Chi Machine with Thera-cane.

  6. Whole Body Vibration Therapy.

  7. E-power Machine with self electro acupuncture.

  8. Breathing retraining – “the easy way.”

  9. Rapid Release Therapy

  10. Bach flowers and essential oils


How to Ask the Body

This might be the greatest skill you can learn. It is an essential part of cleaning both body, mind and soul. So who is the authority on yourself? How do you know what action is best for you? What supplement is best for you? How do you know when to take a certain supplement, how much and for how long? Isn’t it a fact that what you need today you might not need tomorrow; isn’t change the great constant?  So how do you keep up in real time, day to day, hour to hour, minute to minute and moment to moment? How do you become awake to yourself?

Self observation is a profound action and the hardest part is to observe harmful subconscious programs as they can be quite painful.  As we learn to clean these programs many changes can occur in our health regimens. The more effective you become at cleaning the subconscious the more you will notice improvement in your health and many supplements can drop off (note: please consult your doctor if you are taking prescription medications). So how do we keep up with these changes? One needs to learn a way to ask the body what it needs.  So for instance you might ask do I need to take this herbal formula now?  How do you know? Or do I need to do a Far Infra Red Treatment? Anything you are doing as part of your health regimen has it’s time and place. The question is this good for me NOW?

So there are two common systems that exist for checking yourself in real time.  One is muscle testing (kinesiology) and the other is using a pendulum. These are very simple methods for checking in with the body’s wisdom.  It is a sort of lie detector test as you are asking: If I put this product or protocol in my body’s field is my body strong or weak?  You are trusting your inner wisdom to give you the answer.  The body keeps it simple. The mind is way more problematic.  The mind can assess that, lets say, this supplement is good for the liver in general but it is imperative to then ask your body is it good for me.

Learning how to muscle test or us a pendulum takes practice but this is a must skill as you will learn to adapt in real time to what you truly need and keep your mind at ease as you begin to trust your deeper wisdom.

Please feel free to email us with any questions.  In the meantime just google how to muscle test or how to use a pendulum. This is a matter of what works best for you. I have always been quit adept at using a pendulum.  Muscle testing can work well if you have someone who you can do it with but there are ways to self muscle test.  My only issue with muscle testing is that the muscles fatigue when doing this process.  A pendulum if you can master it is my preferred method.



As we mentioned in Key Components to Holistic Program, there are two major categories of detox.  Autointoxication and Environmental toxins. A detox program needs practitioner support as detox regimens come with what is called a healing reaction or healing crisis.


Autointoxication tools

  1. Colon detox. A toxic colon is the major nesting ground for microbials, such as viruses, bacteria and fungus.  A toxic colon is like a filthy swamp.  Some people are naturally blessed with maintaining good flora balance, the protective grid of our gut immunity, and others find this balance easily disrupted. One key way to assess ones colon health is by ones bowel activity. Here is a basic outline for colon detox. Do the following: Blue Z Water, whole food juicing (vitamix, blendtec, nutria-bullet), Energy Enzyme Blend, probiotics, super green foods, enzymes, fiber, good oils such as flaxseed oil, coconut and fish oil, strategic herbs, vitamins and minerals, aloe vera juice, apple cider vinegar.

    Also as one removes years of toxic debris, one must realize they are removing the nesting ground for microbials. This process is much like any battle and when you start to displace these microbials they do not give up without a fight; they fight back!  until one clears away the accumulated years of debris,  we recommend having on hand a variety of anti-microbial products. We have found several that rise to the top, including a newer generation of silver products (silver sol) and several other products that fall into the category of oxygen therapy and frequency modulators. Also we recommend “Microbe Blast.”  Please buy gelatin capsules to put the product into (not vegan as they will disintegrate) as this product tastes awful.  We have tried many products over the years. There are times where a virus is coming on with a vengeance and taking a high end anti-microbial can be the difference between not getting sick or being off a day or two, to being full blown sick for weeks.  It is important to note that if you are doing a good job at overall detox then your need for anti-microbials will diminish over time as you remove the toxic sludge from your body.  Of course there are mental/emotional, a.k.a  subconscious data, that attract diseases of all sorts so one must be mindful to their subconscious field and do their “cleaning” practice.

  2.  Adjunctive to colon cleansing is to tonify the organs. There are various protocols for balancing the liver/gallbladder, spleen/pancreas, lungs/respiratory, heart/circulation, kidney/urinary and sex organs. And lets not forget the fascia, brain, spine, nervous system, endocrine gland system, lymphatic system, and all the bones.  Did you know that the bones is where the body dumps environmental toxins like mercury? Did you know the brain is made up of mostly fat?

  3.  Rebound – do the baby bounce to start and go slow. Rebounding is part of our “Maximize your Blue Z Water Therapy” video series. This program is a must for overall detox.  A toxic colon is like a dirty swimming pool and using a rebounder is like installing a pump to keep your pool clean. Please click here for “pump and filter” rebounding video and click here for our “maximize your blue z water therapy” videos.

  4. Do whole body vibration therapy with reflexology sandals, grounding strap and breathing mask to dislodge embedded putrefied and post putrefied debris from the colon.  In addition, whole body vibration therapy will address the deeply held traumatic emotions held in the colon which in Chinese medicine is associated with grief.  Our dual motor machine can create a frequency treatment that can break up deep stagnant bound up connective tissue that wrap the organs, bones, muscles, nerves, etc.  See all our videos on our YouTube channel.  Our rapid release therapy is an excellent adjunct to whole body vibration therapy.  Please see this video: Rapid Release Therapy and Whole Body Vibration.

  5. For additional detox tools please see our Maximize your Blue Z Water Therapy Part 3.

  6.  Sinus Cleansing.  The sinus cavities (caves) are another major nesting environment for microbials. From the top of your head to your anus is one contiguous tube.  Microbes ride that highway looking for a place to nest. There are various devices to cleanse the sinuses such as a netti pot, or various devices from a company called NeilMed. Along with the basic salt solution, we recommend adding either 3 drops of “Microbe Blast”, 1/2 teaspoon “Silver Sol”,  or 4 drops of Grapefruit Seed Extract per 8 oz of water to turbo charge the destruction of persistent and festering critters that like to crawl into your sinuses.  This is the Navy Seal approach for ridding yourself of Sinus woes.  Also use a vaporizer with essential oils and chew on ginger to help with respiratory issues.  This is a top down protocol (colon cleanse is bottom up) for the sinuses and  respiratory track and a great preventive for respiratory infections.

  7. Bubble ozone into treated Blue Z Water several times a day. This will enhance it’s ionic charge, increase the level of activated oxygen and boost it’s anti-microbial activity. We find this quite effective.  We recommend the Aqua 6 ozone machine.  Detox symptoms, aka herxheimer response, can be overwhelming.  Bubbling ozone into Blue Z Water often, along with taking Energy Enzyme Blend, can help alleviate detox aggravations. 

Environmental Toxins

  1. Do above protocols and add the following to specifically detoxify and protect further invasion of environmental toxins.

  2. Do a chelation protocol for pulling heavy metals and chemicals. Blue Z Water along with Energy Enzyme Blend  are our favorite chelation products and also work as anti-microbials.

  3. Iodine therapy.  Please visit our education links to learn more. Iodine therapy is key to removing what is called halides and restoring thyroid health. The thyroid gland needs iodine and many experience hypothyroid symptoms and have no clue as to the cause. Examples of halides are bromine used in making all white flour products,  fluorine and chlorine.  Doing an iodine protocol needs practitioner support as many will encounter strong detox reactions when these halides are displaced by using iodine. Please view this video.

  4. Stop eating toxic foods.  This includes all processed foods, gmo foods (see education link), all processed oils, meats fed with gmo corn,  pesticides, hormones, anti-biotics and heavy metals and chemicals found in food.

  5. Stop drinking city water that has chlorine and fluorine and other contaminates.  We recommend using Blue Z Water. Start with the basics, water and food.  Healing water creates healthy soil and healthy soil creates healthy food.

  6. Emf protection is a growing problem in recent times. The list of offenders is long.  We are all familiar with cells phones, wireless internet and wireless phones. I hear people from California complain about what is called smart meters and most of us have heard the horror stories of living by high voltage power lines. Emf sensitivity varies from person to person.  Some people can walk into a store and feel drained.  Considering that our ancestors were mostly farmers or hunters and spent most of their time connected to the natural frequencies of mother earth, this new skewed frequency environment does come as a shock to the body and creates many health problems.  Some tools for protecting and rebalancing the body from harmful emf fields are grounding the body with a grounding pad for example, using emf filters on all electronic devices and appliances, use whole field therapy devices like the e-power machine and a pulsed electro magnetic field device, take a salt bath, walk barefoot on grass, dirt or sand.  If you are taking a walk stop and grab a stop sign metal pole (big grounding rod) for a few minutes.   Drink plenty of Blue Z Water;  at least 1/2 gallon a day.  Remember this is healing water so the more you drink the more you will clean and nourish your body.

  7. Dental Work is often overlooked.  Unfortunately many dentists ignore the biological side of dentistry as they view the teeth at a structural level only.  Toxic compounds and alloys found in fillings and implants, along with root canals can not only cause major health problems but can also disrupt the bodies meridian system.  I personally experienced an issue with a tooth that became infected and caused shoulder and elbow problems.  The “lung meridian” runs through that tooth and those corresponding  joints.  Please google biological dentistry and carefully consider the information.  Step back from those who would dismiss this information and ask the obvious questions.  My dentist admitted that anaerobic bacteria will start to grow in the micro channels of the tooth within one year of getting a root canal.  She also told me she would get a root canal anyhow as she couldn’t stand to have a missing tooth.  Keep in mind that these anaerobic bacteria are more toxic than botulism.  So understand you must step away from the so called experts in dentistry who are indoctrinated and set in their ways. Just consider the facts.  Ask yourself is it true that anerobic bacteria will grow in this dead sealed off tooth. Is that true?  Ask yourself what happens as these bacteria grow.  Read about the process where they eventually leak micro doses of toxins into your body due to osmotic pressure that cause outgassing.  Ask yourself is that true?  Ask yourself  these questions step by step and consider the facts. Most dentists admit that yes bacteria will grow but then say a healthy immune system will suffice.  The problem is that some seem to due okay with root canals but those who don’t can start to have all sorts of health problems and never consider this as a contributing factor. Personally I don’t like to gamble and don’t believe that something dead should be preserved in the body as a matter of common sense.


You Are What you Eat 

  1.  First learn what foods are absolutely harmful and start eliminating them from your diet. This includes all processed foods, gmo foods, all processed oils, meats fed with gmo corn,  pesticides, hormones, anti-biotics, heavy metals and chemicals found in food.

  2. Second start eating living foods that are constitutionally compliant. If someone is always feeling cold yet eating foods that are cooling to the body, such as raw foods or juicing, they need to select a living food option that is less cooling or warming such as a quality green food product or a warmed whole food blend one can create with a Vitamix, Blendtec, or Nutri-Bullet blender. They might eat more soups and stews and use warming herbs, etc.   The western dietary holistic systems are more based on food components that are deemed good for the body whereas the eastern philosophy (Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine) have an alchemy view with the goal of balancing elements such as heat, air and water for example. Think of a furnace that burns poorly. That is referred to as weak digestive fire in Chinese medicine where western medicine will use words like indigestion, acid reflux, constipation and so on.

  3. Obviously each persons dietary needs are going to vary based on  their state of health, age, gender, basic constitution, genetic pre-disposition, stress levels, climatic region, etc.

  4. There is what are called targeted programs that address a multitude of health issues. Indeed the most popular targeted program in the holistic field is colon detox. There are protocols for liver detox, adrenal burnout, insulin issues, weight loss programs, allergy sensitive diets,  low carb, high protein, anti-inflammatory which includes all the auto-immune diseases,  bladder issues, prostrate issues, blood pressure, The list is endless.  All the fundamental tools listed on this page are the foundation for a targeted program. For example a targeted weight loss program might include far infrared sauna therapy along with iodine therapy, rebounding, colon detox, environmental detox, liver detox, living food diet, etc. 

Final Word

My process with clients is to start with advanced body work sessions and then start working everything listed on this page. The advanced body work sessions jump start the consciousness work and energy work.  The follow through is to start practicing the tips and tools on this page.

Most tip and tools listed here do not require great effort.  One needs to go one step at a time and be consistent at a pace they can handle. Doing gentle bouncing on a rebounder for two minutes takes less effort than walking.  Relaxing on a chi machine takes no effort.  Most people think work is effort but the hardest work is to let go, relax and allow your being to guide you. It is the mind that creates effort.  This program starts with cleaning the mind. If you think about it most of the toxic foods, water, air, emf pollution, heavy metals and chemicals and even genetic programming are all a result of the minds creations. The mind is the central factor so keep going back to square one, start cleaning the data and the rest will fall in place.


For more information or to set up an appointment, please click here.


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