Higher Consciousness Work: Hoʻoponopono, somatic release practices and yogic breathing

October 5, 2016
Andrew Scheim

This blog focuses on a very important piece of healing, which falls under the title of Consciousness Work or more commonly referred to as Higher Consciousness Work. Many are acutely aware of how damaging environmental toxins are but one does not realize that toxic memories stored in the subconscious are probably the greatest challenge for overall wellbeing. This includes all memories and traumas including those passed down from our ancestors and memories carried over from past lives. Our “consciousness body” has a very wide reach.

First of all, let’s approach this pragmatically. Whenever something shows up in your mind that causes you stress it can obviously cause physical health problems as well as psychological problems. When the system goes into stress it essentially goes into tremendous constriction and blocks the circulation of energy in the body; in Chinese medicine this is called chi stagnation. It’s a form of tremendous constriction. Please see our blog explaining this process. We all know what stress feels like, but rarely do we realize just how impactful it is on the entire system. So basically every time we have profound constriction it literally blocks the flow of energy to the cells. It’s like choking yourself. One must deal with the anxiety and stress caused by this gripping phenomenon.

One of my favorite teachings in consciousness work is called the Ho’oponopono Practice. This is a Hawaiian consciousness teaching that goes way back and it really is very pragmatic. I’ve studied many forms of consciousness work and I really love the innocence and the heartfelt quality of the Ho’oponopono Teachings.

So basically what they say is we are carrying all these memories, and they go way, way back. It isn’t just our own memories. It’s the memories of our ancestors. So in a sense think of our brain and this field of consciousness we’re in like a computer interfacing with cyberspace; it’s able to receive all kinds of information. So rarely do we realize that we are literally receiving information from many, many sources. So as the information shows up what we want to do is go into what is called a cleaning mode and clean the streaming data or memories.

Morrnah Nalamaku Simeona, master teacher of Ho’oponopono, states that the first thing you have to do is work with fear. We recommend a wide range of somatic therapies such as using a chi machine and rebounder but there are many ways one can start to regulate the fear physiology. One can take a bath or go for a walk. The next thing she talks about is a breathing practice where you learn to slow down your breathing. If you read our blog, “Breathe like a Yogi for Dummies” you will get a quick class in breathing and the physiology of breathing. So we must first deal with the fear, and then we must learn to slow down our breathing, which effectively creates a deeper relaxation state.

Once this foundation is in place, we then go into what’s called the cleaning practice. So what is this cleaning practice? When you’re feeling this stressful information coming through you, when these memories start to channel through you, how can you effectively clean or liberate these streaming memories? Most people try to ignore these streaming subconscious memories but most of the time it just doesn’t work. They just keep coming back. So then the other school of thought would say try to embrace these memories but these memories are very distorted and very persistent. When you try to embrace them they still remain, so this approach also doesn’t work. With either approach the memories just keep coming and you just can’t break out of this vicious cycle.
So we need to try to have an understanding of what’s going on. In Ho’oponopono the way it’s described is that the subconscious is sending up these memories. They describe the subconscious as the inner child, basically the inner part of your nature. This is the part of you that is receiving, storing and then playing these memories, much like recording and playing movies on a DVD disk. It’s literally sending them up (playing) to the conscious mind, but the conscious mind doesn’t have the capabilities to clean or clear these memories.

Our initial natural response is to feel powerless and helpless. The next step is simply engaging a very simple but powerful prayer. By doing this prayer you begin to communicate with both your subconscious and Divinity. In Hoʻoponopono they describe this process as petitioning Divinity, as the only intelligence capable of truly cleaning these memories is Divine intelligence. In essence you must go down deep within, access the memories and then send them up the chain of consciousness for submission to be cleaned. The Buddhists refer to this as going deep into the hell realms. So first, we thank the part of us that’s sending up the memories. Part of us is literally asking for these memories to be cleaned. So when we get hit with these memories our first reaction, is to condemn that part of us for bringing up the memories, self-condemnation, anger, fear. Etc. We don’t really understand what’s going and it is easy to fall into the trap of self condemnation and start blaming and judging.

In Ho’oponopono they teach that the inner part of our nature is the inner child; the one that’s feeling the pain. The one that’s always felt these memories from early, early on; from the very beginning. The disturbing information that the inner part of us is repeating or sending back up is called data or memories replaying. So imagine this as very similar to a computer. It’s running great and all of a sudden you go online, get a virus and your computer starts operating terribly. You just don’t know what’s going on.

So the first thing is to acknowledge and say, “Thank you for sending up this disturbing viral information”. It’s an opportunity to correct the problem, to clean the viral data. To acknowledging the information is a big step. In doing the prayer you are just simply saying, “Thank you to the part of you that’s sending up very disturbing information”. So rather than repressing or judging it you’re being grateful for an opportunity to clean or correct the problem; you acknowledging that’s something going on.

The second part is literally to be kind to the part of you that’s being afflicted. So you distinguish between the data and the part that is being afflicted. You don’t just throw your computer against the wall when it gets a virus and doesn’t operate properly. You might ask what’s going on. My computer was operating great and now it’s operating poorly. What can I do? So first thing you might try is a reboot as sometimes that will correct problem but if that doesn’t work you acknowledge there are viruses out there, and you go looking for a virus cleaning protocol. If you have a good virus cleaner on your computer to begin with chances are you’re gonna get much less infections, but if you don’t have one you’re gonna have to go find somebody to help clean this virus. Sometimes you have to wipe your hard drive and do a complete re-install. In terms of the mind some would call this hitting bottom or the expression the phoenix rising from the ashes comes to mind.

So the process of attending to the self that’s afflicted and investigating how you can help yourself is a big first step. So now you’re really looking into ways to effectively clean this data that’s coming through you. Once again the cleaning is just learning to develop a connection with one’s subconscious and learn to, as Bob Dylan said, “Knock oh heaven’s door.” Our part is learning to not resist but assist and be kind to our inner child that is asking for help. Remember Divinity does the actual cleaning as the mind cannot clean itself. But the first step is to simply acknowledge the presence of the viral data in our minds. It’s there, we can’t deny it and we can’t throw the computer against the wall.

So we must learn to develop strategies for cleaning the data. And we’re distinguishing between the system that’s being afflicted or your own true natural nature and the data that needs to cleaned. You’re not blaming yourself for the affliction; you’re literally investigating. The other two very important parts of this prayer in the Ho’oponopono tradition is “I’m sorry, please forgive me.” Now this is very misunderstood because a lot of people assume that this is blame, guilt, etc. But it really is very simple. When you get a virus on your computer and you recognize that you have to do something, that’s called, “I’m sorry, please forgive me.” That’s self-responsibility. Here is this viral infection and I can’t avoid it. Now you accept that you must respond and start seeking a skillful way to eliminate the problem; you’re acknowledging your responsibility in the process. Now with the human psyche and the human soul the data that’s streaming through us can span the entirety of consciousness itself and can be overwhelming. A lot of our memories are passed down through our ancestors and in Ho’oponopono this is a key part of the work, cleaning ancestral memories. The moment you are conceived you are literally inheriting the memories of your ancestors, their sorrows, everything they went through. It’s like every person’s life is like a mini movie, and you have a little bit of that movie inside you.

So this is very, very deep and very challenging and this is why we learn all of these practices. Once you start to understand how to communicate with the memories that are literally born into you this becomes a profound healing practice. So again, we’re acknowledging responsibility. And this is a huge, huge piece in holistic medicine; when you say, “I am responsible“ and don’t blame someone and don’t label or judge yourself. When you actually acknowledge that what’s streaming through you, what’s happening inside of you is your responsibility that in of itself is a very big step and can start to create a healing process.

Now the point of all these prayers is to set the table for a process that will clean the memories. And this is probably the most challenging thing to understand. Number one: We cannot do it! The afflicted mind cannot clean itself. It literally has to create a field or a state of cleaning where the cleaning takes place. Once again this is called Petitioning Divinity. Many people would simply call this prayer. But the problem in the prayer process is how do we first recognize or access what’s going on inside of us? So we need to develop a language system to communicate with the subconscious.

Now let’s look at Blue Z Water; part of its beauty is that it starts to work at the cellular level, literally where the data is stored. It’s stored in every cell in our body. The memories are stored everywhere. So think of water… one needs water to wash clothes, water is a master cleaning agent. Water is the profound cleaning tool for everything that we know. And Blue Z Water has the ability literally to go in and start washing away or cleaning some of those memories by the fact that it’s literally liberating the cells that are storing the memories. Blue Z Water potentiates the cleaning of toxic cellular memory.

We want to create an environment where things can move and process. The more we get that the cleaning process is much like a mountain stream that cleans itself through its own movement the more we can start to move up the ladder, so to speak, of consciousness cleaning. We want to clean the vehicle that carries the memories. Some people would argue just simply move the energy all the time and you’re free. I believe that just like with a computer virus, you might free your own computer, but what happens to all the other people who got the virus? So now it becomes an issue of how do we assist the entire field of consciousness to get cleaned? And this is why it might be referred to as a spiritual practice; In Ho’oponopono they say clean what shows up in you and that will help others. Dr. Hew Len is adamant that you must stay focused on what is being sent up from the subconscious and stay in self responsibility (response ability). Do this and you will achieve maximum benefit for others suffering with infected data.

I encourage everyone to please check out our links to Ho’oponopono teachings. We also have other practices listed on healing the mind. In future videos and blogs we’re going to touch upon cleaning tools to help you interface with your subconscious mind. One of the reasons I went into advanced bodywork was because the language of acupuncture and cranial sacral therapy is much more intimate with the subconscious mind. Learning to access the fields of the subconscious through the energy body is one important piece. By doing this you begin to ground yourself in a deeper place. With practice we can all start to learn the language of the subconscious and begin to truly know and clean the hidden memories that hold so much power. We must learn to emerge these memories, bring them out of stealth mode and expose them to Divine Love, Light and Wisdom.

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