EFT, Emotion Code & Somatic Experiencing add-ons: Releasing Trauma with Vibration Therapy

October 5, 2016
Andrew Scheim

We have presented several videos addressing the issue of releasing traumatic memory. Vibration Therapy is an add-on tool for anyone doing emotional release work such as EFT, Somatic Experiencing, The Emotion Code, Tat, Healing Codes and many other techniques that fall under the category of Energy Psychology. This is also an excellent adjunct for virtually all forms of psychotherapy work and spiritual work such as Hoʻoponopono.

Traumatic memories are stored in the body and are extremely difficult to release. I do Advanced Bodywork and basically this is a process of releasing, in simplicity, very deep stored patterns of memory and trauma; and it’s quite challenging. Anyone doing bodywork or any other type of therapy work knows how difficult it is to help someone release traumatic memories. The nature of memory and the subconscious terrain is really not fully understood and spans the fields of spirituality, psychology, energy medicine, quantum physics, religion, all forms of physiology, metaphysics, nutrition, just to name a few.

So lets take a look at Whole Body Vibration Therapy and why I recommend it to all my clients. There is a body of work called Somatic Experiencing, which basically refers to what happens to animals when they are in a life threatening situation. Essentially there are three options; there’s fighting, fleeing, or what is called freeze. The gentleman’s name who’s developed this work is Peter Levine. In a nutshell, humans experience “freeze” on a day-to-day basis. A large part of this is due to the fact that the body wants to respond by engaging a natural releasing mechanism, but this mechanism is suppressed by social conditioning. Morality has a huge part in human behavior. The body wants to express and release when it feels under attack, but this natural tendency is suppressed by shame, judgment, control, guilt, etc.

At the end of the day when animals are under attack and must chose the least favorable “freeze” response option, there’s a ritual they go through to come out of “freeze”. And according to Peter Levine, if they don’t go through this ritual which he calls somatic experiencing, they will die. Basically they go into an intense, shaking/trembling ritual to shake off the traumatic event. When an animal is under attack their energy system is extremely charged. So if you’re fighting you’re expelling the energy. If you’re running you’re expelling the energy but if you’re freezing the energy is being contained. The freeze mechanism is an energetic straight jacket as you are suppressing a tremendous amount of energy that would be normally expressed if you were fighting or fleeing. That’s what humans do essentially; they have a tremendous amount of energy that wants to express and move but they literally freeze that expression.

So what Whole Body Vibration Therapy does is it mimics the intense shaking ritual that animals go through to release trauma. It’s a great add-on tool anytime you’re trying to access very deep memories that have frozen in your body. If you’re doing Emotion Code work, EFT, Somatic Experiencing or any other work that processes traumatic memory, please do the vibration therapy before and after your session and do what the animals do – SHAKE IT OFF!!!!

As much as we try to identify the source of traumatic memories, one must recognize they have accumulated through many generations and lifetimes. We must go beyond a one by one approach and learn to access the quantum clustering nature of memory; we want to potentiate a “quantum memory dump.” Maybe the animals know something we don’t about how to release traumatic memory. Please remember to drink plenty of Blue Z Water before and after your vibration therapy session and please see our videos on using reflexology sandals, grounding strap and breathing mask to further potentiate your whole body vibration therapy.

Please see this video:

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