Dr David Brownstein’s Iodine Protocol and Blue Z Water

October 1, 2016
Andrew Scheim

This Blog presents an important enhancement for those doing Dr David Brownstein’s Iodine ProtocolThe purpose of Brownstein’s program is to eliminate the competitive toxic halides (bromine, chlorine, and fluorine) from the thyroid and re-establish the integrity of iodine in the thyroid gland. Those of you that have done this therapy, know that it can be quite a battle trying to pull out  bromine, chlorine, and fluorine. It’s like king of the hill; you’re trying to get iodine back into the thyroid which requires displacing and removing the toxic halides that have entrenched themselves in your body. This battle can create what is called a healing crisis or detox reaction. So what I discovered in my practice is when one uses Blue Z Water on an ongoing basis, this battle becomes very easy.

So first let’s discuss what Blue Z Water is; Blue Z Water is a profound detoxifier of virtually all toxins in the body. It works 24/7, and as long as you’re drinking this water you’re constantly pulling out all types of toxins including the toxic halides. By using Blue Z Water as your master detox product, you can vastly reduce your detox symptoms when doing Dr. David Brownstein’s high dose Iodine Therapy. What I recommend to my clients is doing Blue Z Water for a month or two before starting Iodine Therapy.  By following this amended protocol to Brownstein’s high dose iodine therapy you will experience way less detox reactions. The initial Blue Z detox eliminates 90% of the bromine, chlorine, and fluorine making the re-uptake of iodine back into the thyroid gland a lot easier and most importantly, once again, you will experience way less detox reactions.


Also, some experts claim that only Lugol’s Iodine can displace the toxic halides and recommend it exclusively. Not true! When you use Blue Z Water you don’t have to worry about battling the halides anymore. Blue Z Water is a thousand times more effective at getting rid of bromine, chlorine and fluorine so you can now use a wider range of iodine products as you no longer need to use  iodine for detox purposes.

Nascent Iodine (atomic iodine) or kelp are more gentle and best to use when starting Brownstein’s high dose Iodine Program. Since the Blue Z Water is pulling out the toxins, you won’t need high dose Lugol’s Iodine for that purpose. You are now using the Iodine, as it was meant to be, as food for the thyroid. Also you can look at modifying the dosing as once again you are no longer using iodine for the purpose of detox but only as food for the thyroid.


You can experiment with what iodine product and dose works best for you. I use both Lugol’s Iodine and kelp. By the way, I personally have had thyroid challenges for 35 years and when I started doing this protocol it massively improved.  I also use high end glandular products from New Zealand (a natural food based alternative to thyroid medication) including thyroid, hypothalamus, adrenal, pituitary and brain.  Remember the pituitary is the master hormone for the entire endocrine system and the hypothalamus, the master switcboard, is critical to pituitary function.

In conclusion, please make sure to make Blue Z Water your hub product for battling the toxic halides and huge array of environmental toxins. Drinking Blue Z Water will help you achieve maximum success with your thyroid rehabilitation program.


Please see our video: Dr David Brownstein’s Iodine Protocol and Blue Z Water

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