The Cranial Sacral Wave-God's timing belt.

May 11, 2014
Andrew Scheim

Cranial Sacral Therapy is the king of bodywork.  Why?  Because this current which has many names including core current,  pranic wave,  oceanic groove, breathing of the bones is the foundational movement that organizes  every aspect of our body to the deepest levels of relaxation.  It is God’s timing belt.  If you are a meditator, this field is the peace you seek.  What stands in the way and makes bodywork “work” are mini sections of frozen energy blocks where the wave is impeded.  These blocks include all the parts,  bones, connective tissue,  nerves, muscles, the non physical electro magnetic fields and then the deeper aspects of consciousness that finds itself separated from grace.  The work is to penetrate and awaken these traumatic  fields and patterns and bring them to a surrendering threshold where they can now let go into this most amazing current.  Where there was trauma there is now just the wave.  Once the cranial sacral rhythm becomes functional in transforming a cluster of traumatic fields then you have arrived at a level of intelligence where you now start to make true inroads at letting go and finding healing and peace.   All the additional modalities I use,  help establish the power and intelligence of the cranial sacral wave.  Cousins to Cranial Sacral Therapy and a must for me to be a truly effective therapist, are acupuncture, polarity therapy and connective tissue work which includes trigger point and neuro-muscular therapy.  There are additional modalities and technologies that further enhance potentiating the Cranial Sacral Wave but these are a must.  One continually attempts to enhance the functionality of the Cranial Sacral Wave through all these other modalities but in the end the wave is what truly wipes clean injury and trauma.

Imagine you are a surfer and you are looking for the 30 foot wave. Now imagine a wave 20 miles out and it rolls into shore strong and powerful and you can surf to your hearts delight.  Now imagine 500 breaker walls between that wave and the shore.  When the wave finally rolls in it is flat with no energy.  Bodywork is the process of bringing down the breaker walls.  As each wall comes down the wave gains more power.  Knock down enough walls and the wave itself becomes so powerful that it can begin to knock down walls by itself.  This is the turning point where I say the Cranial Sacral Wave is now functional.  This is the point where the client’s subconscious has effectively experienced the power of sublime intelligence and its amazing potential. This is the turning from stress to peace.

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