Data and resentment

February 17, 2014
Andrew Scheim

Dreams are a huge clue into giving direction for cleaning.  Dreams bring up the depths of subconscious memories.  These memories in turn motivate us to clean.  The word data is used in Hoʻoponopono because the memories contain millions upon millions bits of data.  “Your” memory is the content and interaction of these data fields.  A memory could be viewed as the prodding label on Pandora’s box.  What lies within Pandora’s box is the data. To open Pandora’s box potentially can be overwhelming.

So what does one feel when a memory comes?  What does one feel when faced with opening Pandora’s box?  There is a sense of tremendous resistance. Most of us believe that this sealed off data, if unleashed, will harm us.  Now it is important to understand that the deepest part of your nature is actually inviting you to clean this data.  If we look at the teaching of Hoʻoponopono we understand the inner child is sending us the memory so we can pay attention and do the cleaning.

So let’s look at the word resentment. This word can teach us something.  We associate resentment with holding a grudge against some person or event.  But lets look at the word “resent.”   If we break this word down it is “RE” “SENT”.  Resentment is our reaction to re-sent information.  From a Hoʻoponopono point of view, the child (our subconscious mind) is sending us these memories, yet again, asking for our assistance and we now have an opportunity to assist or resist.  As long as we resist the re-sent data we must be in resentment.  The key to lifting our frustration, anger and self blame is to thank that most inner most part of you for asking for your help to clean and do the cleaning.

It is helpful to realize it is not your fault that all this data exists and has been causing you harm for what seems forever. However, here you stand being presented, yet again, with these memories and data.  When faced with data we are being asked to respond. This responding is what is referred to as being 100% responsible. Only divinity can clean the data. Our job is to send love to that part of us that carries these memories- what is referred to as the inner child. We assist and divinity cleans. The practice is to recognize when we are in resistance and shift to cleaning.  In addition we must find cleaning tools that work for us and help move us through the inclination to resist the data.  If we clean what is being re-sent, then that is the last go around for that data and we have cleaned not only its influence upon us but all those who were ever effected or were to be effected by that field.

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