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Blue Zero Water is a master cleaning tool for both body, mind and soul.  We all are witnessing environmental toxins growing to unprecedented levels. Awhile back, I came to realize, that my existing protocols needed to go the next level to match this environmental onslaught.   I went into prayer and meditation asking for “something that would permeate everywhere in the body and grab up toxins as they entered my body.”  The very next day I discovered Blue Zero Water.

What is Blue Zero Water?

It’s a  super concentrated, water based solution of ionic minerals made from a type of crystalline deposit called biotite. The mother concentrate from which this product is made comes from extracting mineral salts from a biotite deposit. These minerals are then diluted in purified water and bottled as a liquid based water purifier. Because of this process, the extract is a highly concentrated source of structured water matrices and when those structures are added to unstructured water, the treated water also becomes structured. This water has three major dynamic functions:

  1. Comprehensive detoxification due to conversion of water molecules to activated oxygen. This becomes a 24/7 circulating filtration system capable of removing virtually every form of toxin from your body.

  2. Superior hydration due to water being in structured form.

  3. Foundational nutrition – provides essential trace minerals in superior ionic form.

  Dr. Asao Shimanishi, the creator of this super mineral solution, states in this speech:

“My original thought was to take advantage of this oxygen’s presence in water that carries energy called “ion”, which the oxygen in the air does not carry. By activating this oxygen, thus increasing the power of oxidation, I could stop the rotting process of organic matters within the water (the reverse of reduction state of oxidization) and pull away the contaminants through the process called Agglutination ………So rather than working with the Dissolved Oxygen, we thought of activating the oxygen within the water’s molecules, to create radical oxygen, called -OH by introducing  minerals in an ionized state. It was our fortune that we have succeeded in making this a reality.”

In essence he was able to liberate the oxygen in standing water to become the key component for cleaning the toxins contained within that very water and then carry off the by product of the cleaning process. Finally, the minerals in this super mineral solution, are essential nutrients for the soil, plants, humans and animals.

To gain a deeper understanding of this product please click on links below:

  • Please click on this link  for a short interview with the inventor of this miracle water solution, Dr. Asao Shimanishi.

  • Please click here for a free 80 page e-book by Dr. Hisatake Nojima,  M.D.

  • Gerald Pollack and his team of researchers from the University of Washington are considered the leading scientific experts in structured water. There is a vast array of information on structured water. A good place to start is here .

Master cleaner – A must for every detox program!

Blue Zero Water will clean standing toxic water to make it safe for drinking but what is most important is it will clean toxins as they circulate throughout your body. It is a real time 24/7 circulating filtration system, grabbing up a slew of environmental toxins including radiation, heavy metals such as mercury, lead and arsenic, the massive array of environmental chemicals including pesticides and herbicides, gmos, etc.  Blue Zero Water permeates every cell in your body and this indeed, for many, might be the first time they have ever had living water. 

The miracle of this product is that once you structure your drinking water it stays structured for many months. Blue Zero Water stays “on” all the time guarding your body from invading toxins.  You can also control the intensity of your dosing.  The more drops you add the more detoxifying the water becomes.  Please note that we never recommend exceeding the regular dose without practitioner guidance.  One can experience what is called a Herxheimer response if they accelerate the detox process.

Essential Minerals – The Foundation of Life

Not only does Blue Zero Water eliminate toxins but it gives the body the essential trace minerals needed for it’s biological processing. Without essential trace minerals in an activated ionic form, the bodies systems break down and lose normal functioning. We all know that we can not live without water for much more than four days. Have you ever considered that the essential minerals found in living water are “essential” to our survival? Trace minerals are the vital foundation to plant, animal and human life!

Trace minerals, by nature’s original design, are meant to be consumed in water that contains these minerals. The process goes like this: Mountain water (or ocean water) passes through rich mineral pathways and irrigates the soil. Mineral rich soil creates mineral rich fruits and vegetablesHumans and animals, in this naturally intended design, then drink the mineral rich water and eat the mineral rich fruits and vegetables. This is the Garden of Eden.

However, in today’s so called modern world, the water we drink is mineral depleted and the soil our vegetables are grown on is likewise depleted.  We drink dead water and eat dead vegetables grown in mineral dead soil, irrigated in most cases with dead water. Then we eat dead meat that is fed gmo infested corn, what I call a zombie vegetable. In Europe they have nicknamed our insane altered food “Frankenfood.”  Don’t be fooled by pretty vegetables.  Do your research on soil depletion, gmos and the farming methods used in industrial agriculture.

Cleaning your subconscious mind

Blue Zero Water helps with cleaning cellular memory.  Personally I have found the alchemy of Blue Zero Water quite extraordinary for cleaning the mind and it is one of my favorite cleaning tools. The purpose of cleaning tools is to advance one’s process of cleaning the exorbitant amount of data stored in the subconscious mind as harming memories.  The goal is to go back to Zero.  Think of this as wiping your computer clean from a slew of invading viruses that have crippled it’s functioning.

One way of viewing suffering is that the mind has run amuck and been taken over by it’s viral content. It as though one gives up and believes their virus infected computer can never recover and accepts that as normal functioning.  Many don’t even realize their computer is infected to begin with and just see that state of functioning as the norm. To acknowledge that one needs to clean the deepest levels of consciousness is the most important decision a human being will ever make, literally effecting all that the mind manifests. To realize the enormous damage we create with our viral consciousness, all one needs to do is look at the toxic planet we have created. Each and every one of us are responsible as we all are carriers of viral consciousness.

Dr. Hew Len, master Hoʻoponopono teacher, illuminates the practice of cleaning the subconscious mind with passion, simplicity and elegance.  He is a gifted devoted teacher, whose message is very clear; one must clean 24/7.  He states, the most important relationship in life is with our subconscious or inner child nature. The beauty of Hoʻoponopono teaching is the simple fact that you focus on your part, whatever shows up in you.  This is called self-responsibility and I call it pragmatic common sense optimism.  It makes the job of liberation from suffering for yourself and others something we all can attain. Once again, a good way to envision this, is like a computer virus being passed around through emails.  What happens if one person acknowledges they have a virus and then finds a way to clean it? They run a cleaning program and then share it with others.  By cleaning your subconscious you are automatically sharing that program with others who share the same virus infestation.

One favorite cleaning tool taught by Dr. Hew Len is “Blue Solar Water.”  You simply take a blue glass bottle with water (use non metal cap) and put it in the sun for at least an hour.  We suggest using your treated Blue Zero Water to make blue solar water.  For more information on Hoʻoponopono teachings please click here.

My inspiration for the name Blue “Z”ero Water came from both Hoʻoponopono teachings, advanced bodywork and my passion for music and long career as a professional sax and keyboard player. We all want to clean the blues away and as Dr. Hew Len says, bring the data back to “zero”, Hence the name Blue “Z”ero Water. Music and waveforms are center stage to setting oneself free. One of my personal sayings I share with my clients is, “the body is a musical instrument.” There is another saying in the blues, “down to bone.”

When you learn to awaken your inner dynamic musical nature, you begin to access deeper layers of the subconscious mind.  The language of the subconscious is alchemic, transcending rational thought, and music is a primordial language of alchemy. One can not free the mind with thought as thought is what got the mind in trouble to begin with.  Thought doesn’t solve one’s deepest problems in life.  Thought truly creates more problems than it solves yet thinks itself the master problem solver. Thought is a very limited aspect of total consciousness and truly man’s greatest obstacle. The very order and control thought seeks to create defies Divine intelligence. So to solve one’s problems one must learn the language of consciousness. The first and most important step is to learn to communicate with one’s subconscious nature as it is, with all it’s content, the hub of self limiting consciousness.

Blue Zero Water creates true cellular hydration, what I call cellular buoyancy. When the cells are properly hydrated the body’s ability to communicate and repair itself increases. Each cell becomes more awakened and interconnected through this living mineral frequency matrix called structured water- the cellular network becomes much less fragmented.  Fluid communication between the parts and the whole is essential to being a musical being and potentiating processing at a subconscious level.


Supporting your detoxification process

Blue Zero Water is the foundation of our detox protocol which protects one from ongoing environmental exposures, helps one detoxify from years of accumulated toxins, and accelerates cellular repair from past and present damage.  We are constantly battling environmental toxins from a wide range of sources.  Our bodies are riddled with years of stored toxicity that is a powder keg for disease.  When you start to use Blue Zero Water you begin the process of detoxification.  One must understand that not only are you removing accumulated toxins but that these toxins are the food for viruses, bacteria, fungus, etc.  A simple way to understand that your toxic body is a breeding ground for microbes is to envision a filthy swamp. If you don’t clean the water it attracts all kinds of microbes.

As you start to remove the toxic debris that these microbes feed on you can get what is called a “Herxheimer” response or healing crisis.  Essentially the microbes start to die off as you remove their food, the toxic material in your body. The displacement process can cause a lot of upheaval and these microbes that have been parasitically living in your body fight back. They don’t go away easily. Think of this like a war. The first stages of battle require one brings the army, navy, air force, a full blown attack. Once the enemy is subdued one only needs a fraction of those resources to maintain the peace.  So for the war of detox we recommend the following:

  1. Eat a healthy diet and do smart exercise.  See “You Are What you Eat” under Key Components to Holistic Program – Part 2 – Tips and Tools.   Get a high end rebounder and start pumping your cells.  This is the very best “exercise” one can do.  See our pump and filter video.  Please read all our tips and tools for creating a complete foundation of support.

  2. The following products will provide extra detox support for the colon and help create a healthy gut ecology: Use diatomaceous earth, zeolite or Energy Enzyme Blend as a secondary filtration system (Blue Zero Water is your primary filtration system). Take probiotics, enzymes, healthy, non abrasive, fiber products such as ground chia or flax seeds, aloe vera juice, apple cider vinegar and healthy oils such as flax and organic coconut oil. Please keep in mind the colon is the number one nesting ground for toxins and microbes. 

  3. To kill viruses and bacteria:  Use American Biotech Labs Silver Sol.  Of all anti-microbial products I have used I find this the best. This will help kill viruses, bacteria and fungus but remember your long term goal is to remove the toxic debris in your body that these microbes feed on. Also there is a product called microbe blast that is an excellent anti-microbial. The following step also creates an excellent anti-microbial action.

  4. Bubble ozone into treated blue zero water. This will enhance it’s ionic charge, increase the level of activated oxygen and boost it’s anti-microbial activity. We find this quite effective.  We recommend the Aqua 6 ozone machine. Contact us for more info.

  5. The second most prevalent nesting ground for microbes is the sinus cavities (caves). Microbes look for stagnant, filthy zones to hide out. They can not survive in a well oxygenated non stagnant energized terrain.  For sinus detox one can use a netti pot or Neil Med Sinus rinse.  Just add 1/4 teaspoon salt and a half teaspoon of silver to warmed up Blue Zero Water (can ozonate first if you like).

The best things in life are free?

Part of the blessing of Blue Zero Water is it’s cost. One 8 ounce bottle costs $36.00, will treat 100 gallons of water and last for almost 7 months. This comes out to a monthly cost of $5.40.  Most high-end health products start at 40.00 dollars a month. Blue Zero Water creates maximum benefit as you are removing a massive array of toxins that have accumulated over many years.  Drinking living Blue Zero Water will reduce your costly intake of medications and supplements, as you are removing this massive array of toxins, one of the major causes of disease and suffering.  You won’t just save money, you will save yourself from unneeded suffering!

How to use:

Regular Dose:

It is recommended that you start with some form of filtered water. Add 1/2 teaspoon (2.5 ml) Blue Zero Water concentrate to a gallon of pre-filtered water. Shake once or twice and your water is now transformed to structured water, H3O2. If you are treating ordinary sink water we recommend doubling the dose to 1 teaspoon (5 ml) per gallon.

General dosing guidelines: If you are generally sensitive to normal dosing when taking supplements one may cut dose in half as a litmus test and increase gradually to regular dose.  After using product for 2-3 months one may increase dosage up to double dose for more intensive detoxification.  We recommend consulting with a practitioner when doing more intensive detoxification and reading “Supporting your detoxification process”.



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