Military Micronutrient Formulation

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Military Micronutrient Formulation (MMF) is an advanced micronutrient formula, originally contracted by the military, to help remedy the exceptional health threats that confront our troops.  It was designed to protect and offset damage from attacks from radiological, chemical and biological weapons.    MMF is backed by years of research and development, numerous clinical studies and over 25 million in research funding.  It combats oxidative stress, inflammation, free radical damage and much more.   It is  “the first commercially available pill to significantly protect DNA.” In one clinical study MMF WAS found to repair 58% double stranded breaks in DNA in a 24 hour period! There is no nutritional product that I have ever seen that has such a profound impact on transforming severe cell damage throughout all body systems.


MMF is a deep acting product that may trigger what is called retracing, detox reaction or a healing crisis. Also, there are do’s and don’ts when taking this product, including dosing schedule, supplements that will interfere with the nutrient ratio balance in MMF (supplements that will conflict with this product) and a window of time where one should not take any supplements or medications before or after taking MMF. If not taken properly the amazing potential this product offers will be considerably impeded or not work at all! There will be a transition period where one can reduce their previous dosages or completely eliminate many of their previous supplements. This makes this product a great savings for one who takes a lot of supplements! Some even go off medications after consulting with their doctor. With our support, you will maximize your success when taking MMF.


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