What is data?

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The Data of the subconscious mind gives form to our most primordial nature. This data causes great suffering and controls all our actions future and past. Free it and you liberate time and suffering. No data no time, no data no cause, no data you are off the wheel with no more axis. It is strange that the greatest joy is the ending or dissolution of that which we have attached to so deeply. Data creates the me and cleaning ends the me. The physics of this is happening at the micro level. The me can not be set free unless one understands the micro quantum mechanics of consciousness. And this is only understood in meditation practices. The end result is the me dies because of an act of meditation intelligence. The more you learn this the more gracefully one is able to clean. Instead of data getting stuck “in you” you become the cleaning filter. If the filter is free there is no you. The beauty and grace of cleaning is that whenever you have conflict with another, just clean what is showing up in your field. It is always all “you”. The other is gifting you with an opportunity to clean some hidden data you have yet to access.

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