Andrew’s work speaks for itself.  It is impossible to understand the benefits of this Advanced Bodywork without experiencing it for yourself.  Read the Testimonials below to learn how different people have experienced this amazing work.

I am a teaching pro at Chamisa Hills Country Club in Rio Rancho NM. I am 76 years old and still playing tournaments with the Senior Olympics program. In June of 2011 I started having severe back pain that required pain meds. I went to my Chiropractor for several treatments and got no relief so I went to my PC phycisian. He recommended a MRI. The MRI showed a bulging disc between L4 & L5. My PC sent me to a neurosurgeon which I declined. I went to Andrew and got immediate relief after the first treatment and stopped all my pain meds. I just finished playing in the city tournament for Albuquerque and plan to proceed to the state play off in July (update: he won the state and came in sixth place at the nationals in Cleveland). This is made possible by the treatment from Andrew. I highly recommend him and his treatment.
Fred, NM

I started jogging back in 1966 and ran nearly every day until 2008 when I fell down some stairs and snapped all four tendons of my left quadriceps. After surgery and a few months therapy my leg was healed but I could no longer jog because of severe pains in my legs due to freshly activated spinal stenosis and other problems.
Running has always been an important part of my life, something that I love doing, and I missed it a lot, not only because it kept me physically fit, but mainly because of the general feeling of wellbeingI it gave me. Then in 2013 I met Andrew at a French Restaurant where his jazz group was performing. We started talking and he mentioned he did bodywork and thought he could help me. This was back in 2013. My injuries included not just the snapped quadriceps, but my lumbar spine, hips, and neck were also affected by both the accident and my many years of jogging. I went to Andrew to see if he could help me and I found that Andrew’s work resolved these injuries for me (except for the snapped quadriceps which was resolved by surgery). I found Andrew to be a perfectionist who always encourages and desires further improvement. About nine months ago he started putting me on a vibration machine. He explained how it helped him get to the next level as a tennis player and how it complemented the rapid release vibration therapy he uses in his treatments. After months of encouraging me to buy the vibration machine, which seems to me a very powerful and sturdy machine for its low price of $340.00, I finally purchased it and use it every day. Andrew assures me it has the same specs as much more expensive machines. After three months of this vibration therapy and with Andrew’s continued in depth and very thorough treatments, I decided to try jogging again, after an almost nine year gap. Rather to my surprise I was able to do it without any pain, and I have been jogging a couple of miles four or five times a week for several months now. With Andrew’s expert care am confident that I will be able to increase my speed and distance. I am so grateful to have this gift back in my life. Your never too old to feel young again! (I will be 80 this year) Thank you Andrew for your comprehensive and extremely conscientious work, and teachings based on your many years of study and experience in body work. Bob Burridge
Bob, NM

I contacted Andrew Scheim for his thoughts on adding the Blue Z Water as a key element in my self created Lyme Disease Protocol. After exchanging emails & phone calls I ordered the Blue Z Water product along with his strong recommendation to include full body vibrational therapy & the Rapid Release machine. The detoxification & oxidation from the ozone boosted Blue Z Water, has made a positive effect on my health. Combining the daily vibration machine along with the rapid release machine, I began to feel profound results in the unwinding of my nervous system, dense rigid connective tissue and tension throughout my entire body began to dissipate in just a few weeks. Andrews wisdom has been a crucial part of my body’s recovery through the self-care methods he has lead me towards resulting in healing in ways I have never experienced.
Anthony Wysock, CA

I was in bad shape with Fibromyalgia and ME/CFS and have been helped by Andrew quite a bit. My energy and sleep have really improved with Blue Z Water, Chi Machine, Vibration Machine, and a very strict sleep routine of Epsom Salts Bath, meditation, light reading (no screens) before bed, and a sleep mask . I have gone from 2-3 hrs of sleep at its worst. Andrew helped me so much with answers to questions, etc., about the tools I have purchased through him. My energy is so much better I am now on the treadmill 15 minutes a day and working slowly up few days. Thank you, Andrew!
Eveline S, MD

I’ve had various injuries over the years and never addressed them. Well they say time catches up with you, and in my case that’s a fact. I’ve gone through everything from diet issues to outright getting banged up and never took much of it seriously until I started losing mobility in joints and muscle tissue etc. I began to take my health and well being a tad bit more seriously at that point, and asked Andrew for assistance in that regard. In a very short period of time I’m noticing much improved flexibility in both joint and muscle tissue along with more energy and stamina. Andrew’s multi tiered approach to healing the body is as effective as anything I’ve ever experienced, actually more so. I’m getting my life back because no health, no life. If you’re serious about your health and your quality of life, there’s no better therapist out there for my money. He knows things about healing and the body and it’s rhythms that are absolutely astounding, and because of his approach, he’s able to find and treat issues that most practitioners would miss or gloss over and that’s a gift; a most precious gift that few in his profession possess. He’s the real deal folks, and that’s a rarity in itself. So if you’re in chronic pain or been given a death sentence by western standard medical practitioners, I’d say don’t give up just yet. It’s highly likely that if you get in touch with Andrew, you’ll find a protocol that will put you back in the game, and give you skills that will allow to take your life back into your hands; skills that will last you a lifetime. Go for it! You have absolutely nothing to loose and everything to gain.
Daar Malik El

I received bodywork treatments from Andrew and he would use various healing technologies to reshape and revitalize my damaged and aching body, while I lay (somewhat passively) on the massage table. Part of Andrew’s treatments included using the Rapid Release tool to break up congested and scarred tissue. Last week I limped into Andrew’s studio after playing six sets of tennis in less than 24 hours. Instead of putting me on the table, Andrew instructed me on 1) the purpose / theory of the Rapid release tool, 2) basic care and safe operation of the tool, and 3) best practices in techniques to maximize the tool’s potential. Andrew then left me alone to practice using the rapid release tool without his oversight or intervention. I liked being able to explore my own healing without being interrupted or corrected to “do it the right way.” Andrew trusted my awareness, intuition and intelligence to begin healing myself. Curiously, I invented many different techniques of my own, only to find that the most effective techniques were the ones Andrew taught me before I began on my own. As a high school teacher, retired after 30 years. I had to laugh at how I resisted Andrew’s accurate descriptions and detailed instructions in favor of my own thinking, much as my own high school students did with my classroom instruction. In about one hour my pain was reduced from about an eight (on a ten scale) down to a two or three.My bio-mechanical movement was smother,straighter and more comfortable. Andrew often invests in new healing technologies, and shares his experience with me. I have seen and used around 10 or so different bodywork tools. Although all of them are effective in different degrees, the beauty of the rapid Release technology is that is works well alone AND in tandem with other machines. Also, it is very portable, and allows an athlete to identify and target their own chronic pain centers. While many practitioners might be afraid to give their clients the skill and tools to heal themselves and free themselves from regular paid treatments, Andrew is truly interested in spreading the healing work and not just maintaining a client base for his own practice. That speaks volumes for his character and heart. Daniel Ferguson, Tennis Player, High School Tennis Coach, USTA Certified Official and Rapid Release Tool believer.
Dan F, NM

When I came to Andy, I had been diagnosed with an Torn rotator cuff and I was told the tear was so severe that it was inoperable. I love to play tennis, unfortunately I couldn’t raise my right arm above my head to serve (this was going on for three years). I was serving left handed but found it quite frustrating. I met Andy on a USTA tennis team and he told me he thought he could help me with combined treatments and his home therapy program. Six weeks after my first treatment, I was able to serve right handed for the first time in three years. On May 24th, 2010, I wrecked riding a 10 speed bicycle which dislocated the same shoulder. After spending a night in the hospital the Doctor told me “once it heals your shoulder will be pretty much useless.” I saw Andy and we started treatments. A month later and after 3 treatments with Andy, another doctor sent me to rehab and the physical therapist said that the range of motion in my shoulder was unbelievable given what the x-rays showed and the doctor’s report. I continue to see Andy with the logic that I will get to where I was before the accident and continue to improve further.
Dennis, NM

Andy has been a life saver for me. I seem to get myself into trouble with my neck and lower back on occasion. All it takes to “get me back in the ring” is a visit to Andy and I’m good for months. If I were a better friend to myself, I’d see him on a more regular basis, not just when I’m in deep trouble. Visits to Andy are like a mini visit to the health farm. I have had body work and massage before, but Andy’s treatments are not in the same category. I don’t know how to explain it; but, it’s more than moving tissue and bone and nerve, my spirit is worked on as well. I am fortunate to know Andy and I am so grateful that he is in the world. We all need him.
Geni, NM

I have done several Holodynamics sessions with Andrew, and the results are truly amazing. It is like uncovering your inner truth, and being gently pushed in the right direction. Andrew has a unique ability to guide you through the difficult stuff. I will continue to see him.
Reinhard, NM

Recently ruptured an achilles tendon, and could barely walk. I set up an appointment with Andrew, and in little less than an hour I was able to move around on the injured leg with much increased mobility. I’ve been back for three more treatments in two weeks and am experiencing very rapid healing, much faster than normal for this type of injury. I would say at least three times as fast. I don’t intend to get long winded about this. What ever he’s doing, works at a very deep level in the human anatomy, and gets amazing results in a very short period of time. It’s hard to beat that combination.
Buzz S, NM

Wednesday morning I got out of bed and landed ackwardly on my left foot and sprained my ankle. I was hobbling around and called Andrew as I was hoping to play a tennis match scheduled for Thursday morning. After a comprehensive one hour treatment, I felt immediate relief and went home very relaxed and went to bed. It is now Friday and not only was I able play my Thursday match with 90% mobility but was also able to play this morning virtually 100%. I am impressed that my ankle has healed so quickly and held up to two days of match tennis with no residual pain or swelling.
Richard, NM

I was investigating cranialsacral therapy for one of my sons, and had a very enlightening conversation with Andrew. I decided to make an appointment with him for myself, to see if I thought he and my son would gell. I also have a number of long-standing injuries. I expected a good massage, but came away with much more.
Here is what Andrew has helped me with:My sciatic nerve injury is so much better that I don’t live in chronic pain anymore.I also have an ankle which has been badly sprained numerous times. Being, at the time, a busy mom of four homeschooled kids, I just lived with a lot of things. Through many modalities, including a great little machine he has begun using of late, my ankle is no longer swelling. I recently drove back from a family visit which was about 1400 miles. For the first time, my ankle did not swell after all those hours in the car!I have an overuse shoulder injury due to being short and overreaching for many years. It was stretched and weak. I did physiotherapy, which was helpful. But, the combination of the machine to reduce scarring and the other methods Andrew uses, that has improved markedly.I’ve seen a lot massage therapists and chiropractors over many years, some of them extremely good. But it is Andrew’s multi-layered approach to treatment which I appreciate and has helped me. Also I find it interesting that he has discovered injuries which I never mentioned.He also turned me on to ozone water and his formula, as well as the rebounder. I love the rebounder. I put it in the living room, and have found other family members using it as well.Don’t expect to go and get one type of treatment. It will be what you need, and that can be many things. He also puts on good music with brainwave entrainment and when a treatment is a long one, uses his EPower machine. He’s learned so many modalities. I also really respond to the hot stone treatment he uses. That works very well on my neck and low back. I wish I had the finances to see him at least twice a week for a couple of months, but I’m doing very well. My husband has noticed my increased strength and stamina.Our son never went to see Andrew; But it was a very lucky phone call for me.
Kathy, NM

I am back with another testimony to Andrew’s GOOD WORK.What I appreciate very much about Andrew’s work, is that it EVOLVES. His inquisitive mind constantly discovers new and improved techniques to treat my ailments. No treatment is ever the same. He has a knack for evaluating my body ‘in the moment’. I have my chronic issues (being a professional driver my back and shoulders take a beating, not to mention back injuries which are exacerbated by my job), but each treatment, I feel, is for my body on that day in particular; As opposed to, the same treatment each time for my chronic issues. I hope I am making my point here. I know that without Andrew’s treatment, I would not be able to continue working. My job is very demanding. I no longer put off my treatments. I go to Andy regularly now. I am seeing results. My conditions are reversing and I am feeling more vitality and energy (not to mention less stiffness and pain) than I have in years. I look forward to regaining more and more of my innate nature.
Geni, NM

I first met Andy a few months ago at Chez Axel where he was playing jazz saxophone, keyboard, and also singing. My wife and I very much enjoyed his music and we particularly appreciated the sensitivity and musicality of his playing. Afterwards we got into conversation with him and somehow or other physical ailments came up – at that time I think my wife was on crutches with arthritic hips and knees and I was having recurring bouts with spinal stenosis with severe pains numbness in my legs. Andy mentioned that he was not only a musician but also a holistic medical practitioner and he suggested he might be able to help each of us with our problems.
I took him up on this, and after about two sessions with him he noticed some misalignment in my lower back and miraculously corrected it. This involved considerable confidence and skill on his part to get everything back into alignment because of the great length of time I had been in that condition. I had a fall about five years ago in which I snapped all four quadriceps tendons in my left leg. This required surgery and the tendons healed nicely. But after trying to continue jogging I was still getting surprising symptoms of numbness and pain up and down both legs and feet. I now believe that in addition to snapping the tendons the fall had put my back out of alignment and I had been too preoccupied with the tendon situation to fully realize the the back problem until Andrew discovered it and put it right and after getting Andrew’s treatments both legs now feel great.In our sessions Andrew carefully and very thoughtfully and methodically goes over my whole body probing, massaging and loosening many tendons and ligaments that were tight from decades of jogging, using his many modes of treatment.
He tries to explain the relationship of the energetic systems to the physical structure and seems quite passionate about education. He also explained to me how important using a rebounder was for overall health and supporting what he was doing in treatments so I took his advice, got a rebounder, and it definitely has helped – apart from being a quite enjoyable exercise!
Since having periodic sessions with him I have, as I put it, felt like a well lubricated precision piece of machinery. My energy level is higher and general wellbeing increased. Also, I find Andrew to be an extremely sensitive, conscientious and skillful practitioner. He has a real and unusual talent for, and deep interest in, what he does, both musically and in holistic medicine. He is made of the right stuff – quite remarkable!
Bob, NM