Whole Body Vibration Therapy and Colon Health: Releasing the Grip of Death!

January 21, 2017
Andrew Scheim

Whole body vibration therapy is an excellent tool for colon health. My experience with colon health goes way back to the 1980’s where I was working with people with Crohn’s disease, Colitis and IBD.  I had a pretty good success rate back in those days using a lot of nutritional strategies. Over the years the skill-sets I developed in bodywork and consciousness work gave me a much deeper insight into the organ system as a whole, including colon health, and how to create way more effective treatments.

First let’s review the mainstream holistic approach to colon health issues. Most people who have colon issues think of detoxifying the colon; removing the debris in the colon and then trying to re-establish flora balance to help restore healthy colon terrain. First clean and then replenish. They might go for colonics. They take key supplements such as probiotics, parasite cleansing products, fiber, enzymes and do adjunctive liver detox and lymph cleansing. All this can be very, very helpful.

Grief and the Colon

There is one key concept in bodywork; in Chinese medicine the colon represents grief. It is an enormous holding area of old traumatic memories. Releasing old stored memories is a key part of any healing regimen and we have many videos and blogs on this topic. Click here to view a sampling of videos. As we said, the colon is an enormous holding area containing tremendous amounts of buried traumatic memory. When one is feeling these intense emotions, grief in particular, the colon itself starts to contract and grip. The connective tissue reacts globally to subconscious stress and can constrict anywhere, at anytime and effects all parts of your body from organs to muscles to nerves to bones. Most of us are literally wound tight from top to bottom! The term connective means there is no break; this is the fascia highway of your mental emotional journey. If one cannot release these emotions and unwind that gripping sensation, then that gripping choking of the organs, including the colon tissue, can cause all sorts of health problems to arise. Literally the structure of the colon will start to deform if the gripping tissue can’t relax. Essentially your organs can choke to death. Breaking the grip is no easy task and it requires a unique set of skills.

This is a most crucial issue and it is often overlooked by many when trying to take a holistic approach to colon health. This connective tissue phenomenan is the number one issue, as a choked colon is a death grip which chokes out all life force.


Vibration Therapy

The good news is that technology has gifted us with some simple tools to break the grip of connective tissue. This falls under the category of vibration therapy along with some simple adjunct therapies. So here is a shortlist for doing a vibration therapy protocol:

1. Get a dual motor vibration machine. It is critical to have two motors as this creates the necessary “shredding harmonics” to break up connective and even scar tissue and adhesions. This is by far your most important tool. We sell an excellent machine that doesn’t require spending 1000+ dollars. It has the guts of a high end machine with no frills. Our price is 340.00 shipping included. Please view all our vibration series videos:
2. Get a pair of reflexology sandals. I like the stone reflexology sandals which you can find on Amazon. The sizes are European so find a conversion chart – just Google it. Using the vibration machine with the sandals creates a very effective reflexology treatment. Every reflex point on the foot corresponds to a location in the body.  Please Google reflexology chart to view the reflex points on the feet. Wearing these sandals, potentiates the vibration therapy, so it can penetrate more deeply into the organs (especially the colon) and other parts of the body. In short it helps break the grip.
3. If you can afford it, buy a professional “Rapid Release” machine. Please click here to visit their website. Combining the Rapid Release with a dual motor vibration machine is a match made in heaven and must for any bodyworker. It is turbo fascia release therapy. And the good news is we can teach you to treat yourself at home whether you’re a practitioner or lay person. This therapy makes visceral therapy doable for the average person and with a bit of coaching can be learned in a relatively short period of time. Contact us for discount pricing on this incredible machine. Also, for bodyworkers and interested lay people, we have a teaching video on how to further improve this therapy combining it with some simple neuro-muscular techniques.
4. Use the breathing mask during or before your vibration sessions. Please read our blog: “Breathe Like a Yogi for Dummies.” Remember this practice helps to de-constrict the gripping connective tissue and bring immediate relief  for panic attacks and stress. Another great tool to BREAK THE GRIP!!!


Doing these four steps will create radical transformation, as the gripping connective tissue will now be able unwind and let go. Remember as the tissue unwinds so will deeply held emotions. You will become a free flowing person again no longer gripped by a cascading volley of emotions. Frozen energy is what you are trying to transmute to free flowing energy and vibration therapy is an amazing tool to accomplish this goal.

For more info please contact Andrew:
[email protected]


Dual Motor Vibration Machine

This machine is comparable to machines that cost several thousand dollars. It comes with a one year warranty and our practitioner discount cost with shipping is 350.00. It is a dual motor machine that can achieve very strong intensity levels if needed and one can run both motors together creating a more complex frequency/intensity profile or run each motor separately if so desired.

Product Features / Specifications:
– New model with DUAL MOTORS (Triangular Oscillation or Tri-Planer Vibrations)
– 110v, 60hz for operation within US and Canada – Just plugs into any ordinary outlet!
– Large Platform / Plate (20.5″ x 13.5″ Plate Size) (Overall Size: 24″ Wide x 19″ Deep x 8″ Tall)
– 60 Speed Settings (For each motor!)
– Dual Control Panels
– Easy to read LCD Screen Display (approx 3″ x 2″)
– Triangular Oscillation Amplitude: 0-10mm
– Triangular Oscillation Frequency 5Hz-14Hz
– Tri-Planer Vibration Amplitude 2mm
– Tri-Planer Vibration Frequency 15-40Hz
– Maximum Load Weight: 440lbs (Upgraded steel frame, many others only 380 to 400 pounds max)
– Arm Bands Included – Great for upper body workouts
– Leveling legs on the bottom make it easy to have it perfectly balanced to work on any floor
– Full 1 year warranty included

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