Bodywork and Data

This is the one underlying principle in Advanced Bodywork practice: All “things” (data of the subconscious mind) create energy blocks, seek to be accessed, fight like hell to be seen (yet want to be seen)  but eventually seek to be liberated. 

The subconscious mind uses the body to try to bring resolution.  Our memories are created in holding patterns in the body. In body work we open up the communication link between that part of us that is conditioned by the mind’s data and that part of us that is completely free from data.  How is this possible? Very simple all conditioned mind seeks to be unconditional at it’s core.  The work is to assist the conditioned information fields and patterning (data) to move to an unconditional state.  The conditioned mind is habitual as the underlying programs are ancient and passed down from generation to generation so it is no easy challenge to teach an old dog new tricks.  Advanced Bodywork is a transformative approach. It helps one to deeply access the hidden data and bring it to a place of transformation.

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