Understanding the relationship between data, meridians and fascia.

March 4, 2014
Andrew Scheim


Why is rapid release such an effective tool for acupuncture?  What is the connection between the meridians, connective tissue and data? First let’s take a look at the micro level of a meridian point. What is driving the meridian point and what is its dynamic?  We need a working model of mind-body connection.  The sub conscious data of the mind when not cleared is reflected through energy vortexes, meridian points.   These vortexes are mirrors to the minds struggle to find resolution.  The key here is that the expression of this process takes place with great intensity.  So all the meridians represent an attempt to problem solve the minds most fundamental problem of processing and cleaning its data.

So when a consciousness issue expresses itself through the meridian system what is actually taking place?  One analogy I use for a meridian is a black hole.  The mind ceaselessly striving to do what the mind does, find resolution, creates an energy vortex that keeps pulling into itself-a meridian point. Until the mind can find a solution it continues to create a series of mini black holes, a.k.a. meridian points. Each meridian consists of numerous points that are expressing a certain aspect of the sub conscious mind’s attempt to find resolution. The data of the subconscious mind is primordial in nature and uses the meridian body to express itself as a means for seeking resolution.   So what happens when this sub conscious data manifest its struggle through the meridians with black hole intensity?   The connective tissue gets sucked into the epicenter of these mini black holes.   The connective tissue now reflects the sub conscious data and becomes the actual manifestation of the data which we call memory.

Now here is another problem. The data is quantum in nature and out of reach of the mind’s limited capability.  In acupuncture this is acknowledged in the understanding of just clear the energy and don’t ask why.   However, since we are trying to access these energy blocks and clear them we need to have a more global view.  The meridians carry the problem of the data’s inability to find clearing and the connective tissue carries the problem as what Rolfers refer to as fascia memory.  Both fascia and the meridians work together to scream solve the problem.  In order to allow the energetic system to process a solution we must clear not only the meridian black hole epicenter but the fascia wrapped around it.  When you start to release the energetic footprint of this data held in fascia then the meridian epicenter now has a greater potential to resolve its original consciousness dilemma.  In others words the mind is being returned to its originating  “point” and asked to resolve its most fundamental problem. By freeing both the fascia and meridian blockage one gains much greater energetic potential to create resolution.


From a pragmatic and purely energetic point of view it is important to understand that fascia is reinforcing the blockage and thereby making it much more challenging to release the meridian point.  Release the fascia and the meridians will release with greater ease.

Rapid Release therapy becomes the perfect tool for releasing fascia. It does not require training in connective tissue techniques and works much quicker and more effectively than traditional methods.  I would recommend doing a rapid release session before an acupuncture session and then doing a combination of needling and rapid release as a strategic follow up if you are being presented with a stubborn condition such as sciatic nerve impingement.  Also clients appreciate tissue work and using the rapid release in conjunction with acupuncture will leave your clients more tactilely satisfied as well therapeutically resolved.

Andrew Scheim is an Advanced Body Worker and Holistic Practitioner.  For questions and more info please visit http://www.andrewscheim.com/ or contact him at 505-252-1556.

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